President Edgar Lungu is currently chairing an extra-ordinary Cabinet meeting at State House as citizens await the official pronouncement of a possible State of Emergency declaration which the Head of State alluded to at the airport yesterday.

According to the ruling Patriotic Front media Director Sunday Chanda, President Lungu this morning read provisions in the Republican Constitution, while Chairing a Special cabinet Meeting at State house in Lusaka.

“The special cabinet meeting has been called to order following an inferno that gutted City Market,” stated Chanda in a Facebook posting today.

On arrival from Ethiopia yesterday, the Head of State said he would take drastic actions to stop political hooliganism by invoking provisions of the law which would limit people’s movements.

“I do not want to pre-empt the measures we have put in place to up the game and we have done that. But I will wait to be briefed,” said President Lungu.

“If it means taking measures which are unprecedented we will do just that, some people will have to lose their rights. People who have lost their property have lost their livlihoods. So if I become a dictator for once bare with me.”

A special Cabinet Meeting at State House today – Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ State House