Prime TV news analyst Mark Simuwe has been granted police bond after spending three nights in a Nakonde cell.

Simuwe is accused of having smuggled a BMW vehicle in 2013.

In an interview, Simuwe claimed his arrest was politically motivated adding that he had reported the vehicle in question stolen in 2014.

“It’s all political and malicious because you cannot arrest a complainant, the whole issue started because I went and reported that my vehicle was stolen in 2014 , now from 2014 up to date because someone did not investigate to check where my vehicle is, they come and arrest me,” said Simuwe.

“When they arrested me, they brought me to Nakonde where they bundled me, they came with guns and C5 Police officers who banished me like a criminal and threw me in cells where there was no toilet, I was using a bucket with seventy five other inmates.”

Simuwe is being represented by a lawyer from Malambo and Company and the matter will be taken to court soon.