Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale says he is disappointed with Southern Province members of parliament because they are not working.

Speaking when he featured on ZNBC ‘s Government Forum, Hamukale said most of the MPs were being overshadowed by Councillors.

“My disappointment is really, I would say with some of my fellow Members of Parliament who never go to visit the people. They don’t want to work. They don’t want to work with government. But I am extremely happy with the mayors and councillors. I can assure you at the rate we are going, most of the MPs in Southern province will be replaced by councillors and mayors because mayors are working,” Hamukale said.

He said it is time for people of Southern Province to begin to take to task MPs who had gone on holiday, waiting for campaign time.

“So time is now upon the people of Southern Province to begin to take to task MPs who have gone on holiday and they only re-apear during elections. Some MPs don’t even know the number of schools and clinics in their constituencies,” he observed.

And Hamukale said generally, the ordinary people of Southern Province were peaceful and law abiding.

“The ordinary people of Southern province are very peaceful. Just few individuals that want to create some imaginary tension by burning markets and target certain key and sensitive strategic institution infrastructure by way of frustrating government. With article 31 that was debated and agreed upon in Parliament that it should come into effect, there is total peace in Southern Province and we have had that peace,” said Dr Hamukale.