Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says expelled Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili must stop crying like a boy on social media and show the Patriotic Front that he’s a man.

Speaking on Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy programme yesterday, Kabimba invited Kambwili to join the Rainbow Party because he did not perceive anyone from the PF to be his enemy.

“We expected PF to be a dignified political organization and that’s what attracted some of us to PF. However, this situation which the honourable Member of Parliament for Roan constituency found himself in is a culture that was cultivated by him. For me I made a statement which I hope he doesn’t take personal, I said that those who kill by the sword shall die by the sword. I had something as I was coming here for the interview after listening to the news that there was a media briefing of PF district in Lusaka endorsing the Central Committee’s decision to expel Kambwili and there was another briefing in Kaoma by PF members endorsing the Central Committee. For God’s sake when are we going to come to the end with this culture?” Kabimba wondered.

“You have heard me most of the time when I have appeared on Radio programmes, people have been calling the phone line to tell me that no ‘you have just become unpopular’, so is Kambwili also unpopular? So the thing here is that this is a trend by those that remain behind to try to destroy you and I hope Kambwili, who is even bigger than me, can be more courageous. Fisanga abaume boi, that’s what I can say to him and don’t cry on social media everyday like a boy, get up and walk and show them that you are a man. And he is free to come and join the Rainbow Party because me I have always said that I don’t treat anybody from PF as my enemy even those that think and know that they wronged me, I have forgiven them like Christ said on the cross that ‘they did not know what they were doing’. That’s my position with those in the Rainbow Party.”

And Kabimba said President Lungu’s tendency of responding to questions from journalists at the airport was dangerous because it caused him to give inaccurate information.

“This culture by the President which I have not agreed to starting from the Chiluba era where you just disappear from the country for two days then you land at the airport and you run into journalists without being briefed properly and you are answering questions off the cuff, that’s very dangerous. So the President must take time and this is why I liked about Michael Sata, I never saw Michael answering questions like that. Michael would come, alight from the plane and jump on the chopper and go straight to State House until he is briefed, he wouldn’t speak. But this excitement of talking at the airport and having a media briefing at the airport where you just land and say ‘forget about human rights now!’ are they your human rights? No Sir!” Kabimba said.

Kabimba also noted that the PF leadership was using the Threatened State of Emergency to stifle divergent views.

“So we take a position as Rainbow that this situation of a Threatened State of Emergency can only be used to victimize those that have got divergent views from the government. This situation can only be used to try to muzzle divergent views. And is this what you call a Christian nation? No sir, I disagree. Is this a situation that can allow you to create the Ministry of Religious Affairs? No, I disagree. We are doing different things from what Christianity proclaims and this actually reminds me of what the Bible says that not all those that will say they are God’s children are actually his children; that’s what we see. The Bible is being used, the PF leadership is attending Church and yet when they get out of those buildings after the service, they go to do completely different things, so we disagree as Rainbow Party,” said Kabimba.

Meanwhile, Mulongoti said the Chief Government Spokesperson Mulenga Kampamba had been overshadowed by State House officials who were fond of issuing statements on behalf of government.

“It’s a shame that the civil service has been turned into something else. We have seen Mr Amos Chanda taking government positions to explain to us the meaning of a State of Emergency and he is not even a lawyer himself. It’s so surprising you know, to see that Mr Amos Chanda is behaving like a politician. I think he is a civil servant. The Chief Government Spokesperson has been overshadowed by civil servants from State House who are busy taking the position of government about things they don’t even understand. However, our position is that we are not convinced at all by this declaration of this intended emergency,” said Mulongoti.