President Edgar Lungu says any patriotic citizen who has issues would rather discuss them at home than going on international platforms.

Speaking to journalists shortly before departure for Swaziland where he will be guest of honour at an international trade fair, President Lungu said it was up to Zambians to judge whether the opposition leader was committed to dialogue.

“I have always urged people to be patriotic, judge him for yourselves. Is that the kind of a leader people want? The Bembas say ubufumu buichindika ubwine. So you just have to be patriotic and respect the sovereignty of the nation if you want to be respected, if you don’t, no one will respect you,” President Lungu said.

And asked whether HH’s statements whilst in South Africa would jeopordise the dialogue process, President Lungu wondered whether the latter was committed to the process.

“I don’t know whether you can read dialogue and good will in this process. I don’t know. But am ready to meet anyone who wants to discuss issues of governance and how we can bring harmony in the nation.” said President Lungu.

He was reacting to HH’s recent visit to South Africa where he held a media briefing alongside Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane.

At the briefing, HH recounted his time in prison and condemned the Patriotic Front’s style of leadership among other things.