I am a very good example for those who are going to hold the office of Chief Government spokesperson because after going out of my way to defend President Lungu and PF, I have been thrown away, says Chishimba Kambwili in this audio.

And Kambwili who is also Roan PF member of parliament says it is not true that President Lungu was rich before going to State House because he lived in a garage belonging to incumbent Chawama member of parliament Lawrence Sichalwe for two years.

In an interview with News Diggers! the former Information Minister warned his successor Kampamba Mulenga against defending things she does not understand.

“I feel sorry for that little girl Kampamba Mulenga, I regard that young girl as my young sister but she has disappointed me the way she is carrying herself and the way she is conducting herself. For her, she thinks she is making a name to Edgar Lungu but what she should know is that it is not Edgar Lungu who will vote for her in Kalulushi. It is the same people of Zambia who are upset with the conduct of Edgar which Kampamba wants to defend. The voters are the ones who are upset about how the ministers are amassing wealth that they cannot account for,” Kambwili said.

“Since when did Kampamba know Edgar Lungu in details? Ask her, does she know that the same man she is saying was very rich was staying in a garage? In a ka small room, in honorable Sichalwe’s garage for close to two years? Does she know that history that the man she wants to defend was staying in honorable Sichalwe’s garage? Now, can a person who was very rich and had money before he was President live in a garage where they repair vehicles?”

He advised Mulenga to learn from his mistakes.

“So tell Kampamba that don’t defend things that you don’t know. Aya ama (these are) politics me I have learnt something, I can only advise Kampamba not to make the mistakes that I made. And me I am a very good example for those who are going to hold the office of Chief Government Spokesperson. Because I tried my level best to defend President Edgar Lungu and the PF, what have they paid me? They have paid evil for good. Now, a normal person would learn from such kind of a situation to say, ‘if they can treat Honorable Kambwili like that who used to defend them, in and out, day and night, how about me?’ I went out of my way even going to the extent of telling the Tongas that even if Jesus came, they would not vote for him, for Edgar’s sake and the PF,” Kambwili recalled.

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“What is Edgar today and the PF saying? ‘Kambwili was possessed with evil spirits, he insulted the Tonga people’. When I issued that statement, the first person to congratulate me was the President ‘well done, you have done very well, that was a lovely interview’…I played a part in the winning of elections. I am not saying I am the one who made the PF win but I am part of the people that contributed and my contribution was outstanding for everybody to see. How have I been paid? So mwaiche wandi (my young sister) Kampamba, to defend people who do not appreciate, you are just wasting your time, you are going to have more enemies than friends and then they will just discard you and start insulting you.”

He charged that President Lungu was very bad hearted.

“President Edgar Lungu has a very bad heart. Alikwata umutima ububi. Just look at the way he has treated ba Christine Kaseba, the widow of the late president Michael Sata, may his soul rest in peace, ba mayo has been treated like nobody, like a piece of dirt by President Edgar Lungu. Ask ba mayo how many times she has entered to go to State House after her husband died? That is a woman who used to spend money from her pocket, hard earned cash from her job as a doctor to give cadres transport money, to fund the PF, today she is treated like a piece of dirt by President Edgar Lungu. They have even named her; Black Widow, ukuvotela pacililo. That’s what they call her in their circles,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili charged that President Lungu’s delegation went to watch breasts at the Reed Dance in Swaziland.

“Kampamba is a very unreasonable person. I think no wonder she can’t keep her marriages, she is always getting married and divorcing, married and divorcing because she is unreasonable. You see, special assistant to the president on politics has to advise the President on political issues, does he need to be travelling with the President? We had Mrs Mavis Muyunda who was political advisor to president Levy Mwanawasa, go and check how many times she travelled with the President both locally and abroad. What did the Special Assistant to the President for Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects go to do eko bailefye ukutamba ama bele yabaiche (where they went to watch girls breasts?” he wondered.

“They spent all that money mukutamba fye amabele, amabele yatwaiche. Mwalimona picture bakopele Sikazwe, alekopa ama picture yamabele yatwaiche (You saw the picture Sikazwe took of young girls breats), what a shame! Tell Kampamba that she should think before she speaks because I think the problem that she is having, she is talking before she thinks. She even said the trade fair is still going on, where on earth have you seen a President opens a trade fair and wait until it is closed? Ukumona fye ati the young lady, my young sister is drunk with unknown powers. But like I have said, she should learn from my experience if she wants to be a better person. But if she wants to treat government like the way she behaves in her marriages where she can walk in and walk out, let her go ahead. She will have a similar record like she has in marriage in government.”

Kambwili went on sparring with Kampamba’s personality.

“She is telling you that Mr Kambwili was possessed by evil spirits, it is her who needs prayers so that at least this marriage, I am told she is getting married again, she can keep that marriage. So tell Kampamba Mulenga that ukucita defend abantu abashicita appreciate, you will end up being bruised. Because everything Kampamba said in that statement does not make sense to any reasonable person. Just look at the comments that were there on your website, if she is reasonable enough, she must know that she did not make sense,” he said.

He went further to charge that President Lungu was an impoverished person before being elected Head of State.

“She is saying the President was very rich, umuntu uwali rich kuti alya indalama ishama clients bamupoka (can someone who was rich eat a client’s money and they get his) practicing license? Eh bali aba (yes he was a) lawyer but record yabo muli bu lawyer is a bad record, balilya indalama yama client (he ate a client’s money) and everybody knows. Just take pictures of President Edgar Lungu when he became president and you compare with how he looks today. He was very thin, not thin ilya iyanatural but ilya iyakuchula (impoverished health). Lelo mumone ama picture yabo efyo bainine. Ine Chishimba Kambwili epo naingila muma politics nalifye uwaina fino finne na nomba ndi uwaina (Look at how he has gained weight today. Me I was fat before politics and I am still fat even today). In fact amapolitics nayangonshako nokungonsha mulandu uwakubombesha. Nomba abo chinshi bainina lelo? (In fact politics has made me lose weight because of hard work, but him, how has he gained weight? So we don’t want Kampamba to be responding, we want him to respond alone where he got the money. And if they want to dare us, we can get all the newspapers to go and show them what they have built,” Kambwili warned.

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He threatened to expose President Lungu’s ill-gotten wealth.

“So if they want to be embarrassed, they should continue responding through nonentities like Kampamba Mulenga, we will expose more, the best they can do is to keep quiet. She is saying we don’t know that the President’s children still live in a government house, it is only two houses from where I live. If you came now I will take you there you go and see who lives there. It is the President’s children, that is abuse of authority with impunity. How can you not be aware because you are government spokesperson? All the information in government is supposed to be on your fingertips. Me when I was Chief Government Spokesperson, every information on government was on my fingertips. You ask me, even in my sleep I will give you answers. So she is only telling us that she is not fit to be in that office,” said Kambwili.

“She also said that if I have evidence I should report Edgar to the Anti Corruption Commission, are you sure she is serious? We all know that at one time people reported Kaizer Zulu to the ACC saying he was getting $250,000 to give people appointments to see the President, what happened? the President was the first to defend him and castigated the ACC for wanting to investigate him. So does Kampamba think I am so stupid that I will go to the ACC and report President Lungu and the people who are involved in corruption with him when I know nothing will be done? I will not waste my time. We have to wait until he leaves office because the ACC will not do anything and they will say he has immunity. So Kampamba must know that don’t talk about issues that you don’t understand. It only shows some level of foolishness. And Kampamba is saying Findley can manage to travel on his own, Findley travelled on the Presidential plane to and from Swaziland, come on Kampamba, you can do better than that.”