PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba says by laughing at President Edgar Lungu’s background of having lived in a garage for two years, Chishimba Kambwili is mocking many poor Zambians who are struggling to earn a living.

On Friday, Kambwili argued with Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga’s claim that President Lungu was rich before becoming Head of State as he had made a lot of money from his private law practice.

“Since when did Kampamba know Edgar Lungu in details? Ask her, does she know that the same man she is saying was very rich was staying in a garage? In a ka small room, in honorable Sichalwe’s garage for close to two years? Does she know that history that the man she wants to defend was staying in honorable Sichalwe’s garage? Now, can a person who was very rich and had money before he was President live in a garage where they repair vehicles?” asked Kambwili.

But in a statement today, Kamba said having a humble background was a Christlike.

“Zambians must be wondering what expelled Chishimba Kambwili really stands for. In his effort to attack His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, Kambwili claimed that the Head of State lived in a garage where vehicles are repaired. While Kambwili’s statement is nothing but hogwash, he was deliberately mocking poor Zambians whose harsh realities the PF Government is working hard to resolve,” Kamba said.

“If Kambwili’s twisted thinking is anything to go by, even the Lord Jesus Christ was not going to be the Saviour of the world considering he was born in a manger or kraal (ichitele cha ng’ombe). Such thinking as Kambwili’s is projecting not only sick but unimaginable for someone who considers himself as being Presidential material.”

He said Kambwili was insinuating that a poor person from Chawama could not become President of Zambia.

“In Kambwili’s neckless head, those coming from poor backgrounds cannot and should not acquire wealth through hard work and sacrifice. In Kambwili’s neckless head, someone from Chawama cannot and must not become President of Zambia. In Kambwili’s neckless head, majority Zambians who are poor can never build a house or more. Kambwili knows that its not President Lungu who built mansions on a Golf Course neither is it the President who would get contracts, get paid and not deliver,” said Kamba.

“Kambwili lives in a house of glass and should not foolishly throw stones otherwise very soon it will break. As others have noted before, whenever Kambwili opens his mouth, he puts his foot into it. This is always the case when a Jelly fish’s brain is trapped in a big body. His lack of shame and short memory is difficult to explain. If Kambwili wants to practice personalised politics, maybe he can start by telling his audience why he walks the way he does. Those interested to know will listen to his personal testimony while the rest of us focus on development projects such as the Lusaka-Ndola Dual-carriage way.”