The long-awaited fire tenders have finally been handed over to the government.

And President Edgar Lungu says his government is committed to ensuring that the lives of the Zambian people are safeguarded by revamping fire and rescue services in the country.

In a speech ready on his behalf by vice-president Inonge Wina during the handover of 42 fire tenders to councils in Lusaka, President Lungu said government will continue to empower local authorities with
appropriate equipment to enable them discharge their duties effectively.

He said the handing over of the equipment is a clear demonstration that government desires to uphold and protect both human life and property.

The President added that in order to fully appreciate firemen and women in their role in preventing loss of lives and property from fire and other forms of accidents, government will provide policy guidance to the fire and rescue industry.

He further disclose that the procurement of fire fighting and rescue equipment will remain an on-going exercise until all the fire brigades in the country have been adequately equipped.

Meanwhile, Local government minister Vincent Mwale said the procurement of the fire tenders would see an improvement in fire fighting operations and services in the country.

“Your honor, let me say the handing over of these fire fighters and rescue equipment will positively contribute to the saving lives, protecting property in our community. As you are aware that there has never been such significant investment in the fire sector in this country in the history if this country,” he said.

The 42 fire tenders were bought at the cost of US$42 Million.