A United States-based PF Founder Henry Sakala says the Zambian Judicial system sometimes applies the law selectively depending on individuals involved.

Speaking when he featured on Straight Talk Africa on Wednesday, Sakala agreed with concerns raised by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, who also featured on the programme, that those who were close to the system were breaking the law with impunity.

“If you look at certain people who have been arrested for minor crimes, they have been jailed for a number of years but others with big offences don’t get jailed because they are well connected and they are in politics,” Sakala said.

He went further to question the treason charge that was slapped on Hichilema.

“Yes Hichilema committed a crime for not respecting the President but the charge given did not march the offence he committed. Who sends a person who has committed a crime to a Maximum Prison apart from the court? But the court did not send HH to a maximum Prison, the police did. Where did the Police get the powers to do that?” Sakala wondered.

“He also condemned the manner in which police raided Hichilema’s house before arresting him.

“They should have written him a call out rather than storming his house as if he was a criminal,” Sakala said, adding that HH needed to also show respect to President Edgar Lungu because of the seat he occupied.

“Hakainde Hichilema cannot say that he did not make a mistake, he made a mistake. One of the proverbs in my country says ubufumu buchindika abene (when somebody is a king, he deserves the respect that comes with the kingship. His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is President of Zambia and he deserves the respect that comes with his position…,” said Sakala.

Meanwhile, Hichilema said he was ready and eager to kick-start the dialogue process with ruling party for the sake of the country.