In this audio, Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu has amassed so much wealth that he even owns a clothing label in Dubai.

Speaking to journalists at his House before proceeding to Parliament today, Kambwili also insisted that home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo got three cars from Grandview for awarding them the fire tender contract.

“President Edgar Lungu knows Kaizer Zulu very well and knew his financial standing before he appointed him as Special Assistant to the President for politics, and he should not pretend that today, he doesn’t know that Kaizer Zulu even owns a trademark in Dubai of bags and belts called Kaizer. He knows that Kaizer Zulu has bought a lot of property in Lusaka, he knows that Amos Chanda has bought a lot of property in Lusaka. What more evidence if he asking for? The President knows that indeed Kampyongo is in the custody and he drives the three vehicles that I talked about which he was given by Bokani Soko. A white Toyota Hilux 2016 model, a black Range Rover Vog 2017 model, and a VX which was involved in an accident with sometime just before Cabinet was appointed on the Great North Road. What more evidence do you want Mr President for you to know that there is corruption? Your Excellency the President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, what more evidence do you want on these issues of corruption?” Kambwili asked.

Kamwbili said President Lungu should stop mocking Zambians and order an independent inquiry into the purchase of fire tenders.

“But for you to be telling us that ‘go to the Anti Corruption and report’, you know that the anti corruption is in your hands. You know that you control the anti corruption left right and centre and they can’t do anything when they know that you are involved and your Ministers are involved. So stop mocking the people of Zambia and do what is right. I challenge you even tomorrow, address even a press that you have allowed the Speaker to appoint a committee and let the Speaker appoint the committee,” he said.

“We know clearly that you (President Lungu) are involved in this corruption. You are the corruption number one in this government, President Edgar Lungu and don’t pretend. And I have always said and I want to say it again ‘Mwebamunynane, insoni ebuntu’ my father used to tell me that bakabolala balipama and it is true. Today I have proved that bakabolala chine-chine balipama.”

He said it was clear that people in government were only there to enrich themselves.

“We go into government to give a service to the people of Zambia but it is clear that most of these people in government today went into government for nothing but enrich themselves. And they have no shame whatsoever. But anyway what do you expect when the President is the one defending them? Mr President allow the Speaker of the National Assembly to appoint a committee to look into the procurement of ambulances, a committee that should look into the procurement of the Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway, allow the parliamentary select committee that can do an independent investigation the way it is done in South Africa. Because under normal circumstances, we should have gone to the office of the ombuseman, the public protector but the public protector has not yet been appointed. So the best committee that can dwell into these issues will be the parliamentary select committee by the Speaker,” Kambwili said.

He further alleged that some Ministers were conniving with Chinese nationals in the illegal exportation of Mukula logs.

“Instead of you guys reforming and stop plundering people’s resources, you are busy defending your Ministers. And some of these Ministers don’t even have shame. Some of these Ministers have made so much money on Mukula when they have banned the sale of Mukula. They are working with Chinese, some of them are even women working with Chinese, busy exporting the Mukula logs and when they come into Parliament, they want to speak the loudest. But when you have a government where Ministers are plundering at will, the President is involved in corruption and nothing is happening and he is busy defending his Ministers. People of Zambia I appeal to you, protect your resources,” Kambwili said.

He said he would not relent until unprecedented levels of theft were stopped.

“I will not relent, I will not stop talking until the unprecedented theft and corruption that we have seen from this government comes to an end. I will not stop talking until the unprecedented plunder of our resources by a few people of government comes to an end. And I am extremely disappointed that the Head of State who is supposed to provide leadership is the one to defend his Ministers that people are plotting against his Ministers by making unsubstantiated allegations. If the President believes that these are unsubstantiated allegations, the best he can do is to allow for an independent investigation into all the issues that we have raised. You see in Bemba they say ‘akanwa kamilandu kalaibala’ our President, our humble President, in America he assured the Americans that investigations will be done and that he didn’t know anything about this procurement. Now the question that you and I must ask ourselves is ‘what has he done from the time he came from America?’ that would show all the Zambians and the international community that he is serious about investigations into the issue of the fire tenders,” Kambwili said.

“Because when he arrived at the airport the first thing he did was that ‘some people are plotting against my Ministers and I am the judge in this matter’ both in government and in the party ‘and it is only me who can decide whether to fire these Ministers or not’ and he says ‘be very careful of people that are plotting against my Ministers’. Surely one minute you say that I don’t know anything about this procurement, the other minute you are defending your Ministers that they plotting again them. Just know Mwebena Zambia ukweba ati the man is involved. It is very clear, that everybody can see that the President is involved in all the corruption that is happening including his Ministers.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili also claimed Grandview had been awarded a K90 million to supply fertilizer.

“Here is another scandal, the same Grandview, Bokani Soko, there was an advert recently to procure fertilizer for the e-voucher. Do you know what has happened Zambians? I will tell you. The lowest person who quoted for this fertilizer quoted K50 million, Grandview who don’t even have an experience in agro-business quoted K90 million and the contract to supply this fertilizer has been awarded to Grandview. Mwebena Zambia nangu tapasoswa, bushe kwena even if people have no shame, even if people have no fear, we are just talking about the issue of the fire engines with the same man, same company. Again you go and give, now tell us on the fertilizer?” asked Kambwili.

“Now somebody quotes K50 million and the other quotes K90 million for the same product, same quantity, then you go and award the one who quoted K90 million. Awe ba President chachilamo, ubukabolala bwaifi tebusuma (this kind of theft is not good), if really you are President who cares for the people, can people who were involved in this new latest scandal with Bokani Soko end the fertilizer scandal be brought to book for once.”

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