In this audio, Chishimba Kambwili says he regrets dancing to Dunnuna Reverse after realising that only President Edgar Lungu and Rupiah Banda knew that it meant taking Zambians backwards.

And Kambwili says he will not shun the National Day of Prayer even though he knows that President Lungu uses the church to hide his corruption.

Meanwhile has challenged President Lungu to cancel the concession awarded to an Austrian firm and Lamise because RTSA is capable of managing the traffic surveillance system.

Speaking to journalists at his house today, Kambwili said he was looking for a chemical to erase his memories of dancing to Dunnuna Reverse.

“And I have regretted one thing, let me say this, I must be very frank, I didn’t know the meaning of Dunnuna Reverse until now. Twaleshana fye. Naine winne naleshana fye (we were just dancing, even me I was just dancing). I didn’t know, it is not that I have realised the meaning of that song Dunnuna Reverse, it simply meant we are going back to MMD. I have always looked for a chemical to wash my brain nkafumyeko playa naimbile (I should remove the part when I sang) Dunnuna Reverse because ifwe tatwaishibe. Abaishibe fye ni (because us we didn’t know, the only people that knew were) Rupiah Banda na Lungu. President Rupiah Banda and President Lungu are the ones who knew that we were taking PF back in reverse, back to MMD. That is why today, the ministers that are PF are MMD. Elilya ulwimbo ati Dunnuna Reverse,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili said President Lungu used the church to hide his corruption.

“I respect President Lungu but I don’t respect his corruption. President Lungu is corrupt. There is no way we can be beating about the bush, the man is corrupt and he is not fit to be Head of State and if I am saying this, these people say I am insulting the President, then I am 100 per cent guilty. If telling him that he is corrupt is an insult, then I am 100 per cent guilty, come and arrest me. There is no substitute for a person who is corrupt or a person who is involved in corruption. The word is you are corrupt. So if you are corrupt, you are corrupt. If you are corrupt, we will not tell you humble man. There is no humbleness. Mwakubelamina fye mulya ati humble. No ku fwaya fye amapepo (his humbleness is a veil to hide corruption). I have always attended national prayer meetings, little did I know that abanensu mwaku belamina (it was a decoy). In fact, for me I will not shun the national prayers, I will go because I know I am going there genuinely but bena mukulanga abantu ukufisa corruption yabo (but for him it is to show people and hide corruption),” he said.

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Kamwbili also said the Head of State had restless nights because of him.

“He thought I would challenge him in 2021 which is not true, I never even planned to challenge him. I have presidential ambitions, but I cannot go and challenge a sitting president. I was going to give him latitude to go and finish his term but what I don’t agree with is what they started saying that he is the sole candidate. Sole candidate kwisa? He can only be a sole candidate in a country that is not practising democracy. In a democratic country you have to be challenged. But abanensu because bali ishiba, teti ba winne ku convention echo ba fwailafye ukubasonta sole candidate. So ba yama ba Lungu, bachita nga balala baisa balota Imbwili ku tulumuka (our friend knows that he cannot win at a convention. That is why he would rather be appointed sole candidate. So Mr Lungu, when he is sleeping and he dreams about Kambwili, he jolts awake),” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili wondered the rationale behind awarding a traffic surveillance tender to an Austrian firm and Lamise.

“The concessioning of RTSA, another corruption. Even if you people of Zambia want to insult me, do you know what has happened at RTSA? Maybe you don’t understand. That company, whatever it is, they have given it authority to provide the network, a system that they will use to track vehicles, to link, of course to computerise the operation of RTSA. Now what they have done, they have given that company 17 years to be running RTSA collecting all the fees and give government only a small percentage, they will be pocketing that money. Who is going to be sharing in that money? We know them. How can you get a money spinner for the government, because RTSA is a money spinner, when you go and pay for road license, when you are found with a case to answer you go and pay, all that money now, instead of going to the government coffers, it will be going to this company, then they will go and share and get a bit and give government. What kind of government is this?” asked Kambwili.

“And they allowed the company to go and announce instead of themselves, up to now, we have not heard anything from any government official or any minister on this issue and they are so ashamed of this corruption. I am warning you to go and cancel that concession, leave RTSA to collect money and send money to the people of Zambia to build schools. And of all the people, where did Lamasat get the experience on RTSA issues? All they want is to plunder the money. For 17 years, they will be collecting the money and giving government a share. If President Lungu is a President worth his sort, cancel that concession.”