Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty says he will remind President Edgar Lungu of his human rights obligations during his visit to Zambia.

According to a statement issued by Amnesty International Zambia media manager Robert Shivambu today, Shetty will visit the country between October 15 and 18 and will hold discussions with President Edgar Lungu on human rights, as well as meet lawyers, civil society leaders and communities affected by human rights violations.

Amnesty International noted that Zambia was still recovering from last August’s election, which left the country polarised.

“Historically, Zambia has been known for its political tolerance and respect for human rights. It was home to former liberation fighters, including South Africa’s under apartheid,” said Shetty.

“Just like with any country facing human rights challenges, during my visit I will remind authorities, including President Edgar Lungu, of their human rights obligations.”

Salil Shetty will conclude his visit with a press conference tomorrow.