President Edgar Lungu has advised new ACC Director General Zachariah Phiri and Clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe to listen to criticism as they carry out their duties.

Speaking during their swearing in ceremony at State House today, President Lungu said they would go astray if they didn’t listen to criticism.

“Listen to the voice of criticism. If you don’t listen, you will go astray. When people talk about you as Clerk of the National Assembly or as the man in charge of anti corruption, I think, listen, there is no harm in listening to what people are saying against you. Me I am criticized on a daily basis and I take it people have got the right to criticize,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu said he would not interfere in their jobs.

“You will be criticized but I know…that you can seek in the spirit of discerning so that you are able to appreciate this criticism, take it but don’t let criticism put you off. Focus on your calling. Ba clerk, you are boss in ACC, these are the big jobs. Some people may convince you to do the wrong thing but I will not interfere in your jobs,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, Phiri advised people to take evidence of corruption to the ACC instead of rushing to the media saying such conduct jeopardized investigations.

“You are entitled to report to the media but the same jeopordise our investigations because the corruption issue is a complex issue. So when you alert people by going to the media first, you mean them destroying evidence but what is important is that when you come first to us and then later on we have the channels to inform the public through the media,” said Phiri.