NGOCC board chairperson Sara Longwe says politicians in Zambia have become irresponsible, as they fear no one.

And Longwe says the country has impoverished itself by electing people whose reputations were dented.

On Tuesday, Luampa UPND member of parliament Makozo Chikote was manhandled by PF cadres during the commissioning of Luampa electricity sub-station in his constituency in the presence of the Vice-President Inonge Wina.

Commenting on the incident, Longwe said NGOCC expected law enforcers to get on board and deal with law breakers.

“It is not right for anyone whether you are PF, UPND, FDD; being in any political party doesn’t give you a right to assault anyone. If you have a grievance against that person or against that group of people, there is an avenue for it, which is to go to court. And if the vice president was there, she is not a police woman, we don’t expect her to stand and start beating those people but the fact that these things happened in front of her just shows how irresponsible our politicians have become. They don’t fear anyone,” Longwe said.

“If they don’t fear the vice president, what more individuals like me? There is a break down of the rule of law in Zambia. Sooner or later we shall be doing worse things than this. So the time is now to correct it and call it what it is – violence. It’s a crime, its violation of the law. What they are doing is against our very own laws so law enforcers must be brought on board to deal with it.”