Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people of Northern Province has called for partnership between traditional leaders and the private sector in order to advance sustainable development and the well-bing of society.

In a statement from First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa Naomi Nyawali, Chief Chitimukulu said this in South Africa on the sidelines of the Patrice Motsepe Foundation Conference held for traditional leaders from SADC Countries.

Nyawali stated that Chief Chitimukulu expressed confidence that the partnership between traditional leaders and the private sector would help government to adopt the best entrepreneurial practices and also help coordinate action and principles among entrepreneurs.

“Private sector partnership with traditional authorities would help coordinate action and principles among entrepreneurs. The traditional leader said partnership would further provide a platform for exchange of ideas concerning sustainable development and society’s well being,” Nyawali quoted Chitimukulu as saying.

The traditional leaders further hailed the Zambian government for the strides made in ensuring that traditional authorities formed part of the governance system of the country through the House of Chiefs and formal recognition in the Constitution and laws of Zambia.

“The partnership between traditional authorities and private entrepreneurs should be encouraged in Zambia as this has worked in other African Countries,” he said.

Nyawali said Chitimukulu also called on exchange programs among various traditional authorities in Southern Africa to help government adopt the best practices.

Meanwhile, foundation chairperson Patrice Motsepe observed that traditional authorities were key in national development as they were custodians of land, natural resources and communities in villages where they came from.

The Patrice Motsepe Foundation Conference was attended by traditional leaders from various SADC Countries including Zambia and was held in Sandton town, Johannesburg in South Africa,