PF cadres today beat Max Chongu, a staunch supporter of the ruling party in bizarre circumstances involving car dealers, President Edgar Lungu, his political advisor Kaizer Zulu and the Zambia Cooperatives Federation executive director James Chirwa.

According to Max, who narrated his beating to News Diggers! Chirwa gave some PF cadres US$150, 000 to buy him a Range Rover, which they never delivered.

He said when Chirwa asked for the car, the named cadres claimed that they bought and delivered to State House for President Lungu as a gift.

Chongu claims that it was at that point that he got involved to try and defend President Lungu’s name, a move that annoyed the State House political advisor, who today sent cadres to beat him.

“Chirwa sent Phil and Kelvin to go and buy a Range Rover 2017 model, that’s how they went to South Africa. But balilya indalama, $150,000 yaba ba [James] Chirwa. Then balebepa ati ilya motoka ni KZ ule shitila ba President (they stole the US$150, 000 from Chirwa, but they are lying that the car they bought was arranged by KZ for the President). And quote me exactly what I am telling you,” he said.

“Now, baisa kuno, ulya umwine wa motoka ba Mr Chirwa, bale ipusha ati ‘motoka ilikwisa?’ Ati no, ‘ni Kaizer Zulu uwalandile ati tuleshitila ba President’, ati ‘ni gift iyaba President’. Yali this year mu January, nomba I asked them ‘ba President kuti batuma imwe ukuba shitila motoka?” Baleshupana na ulya muntu (When they came back, Chirwa asked them for the car, and they said Kaizer told us that the car was a gift for the President so we took it to him. It was this year in January. So I asked them how the President could send them to buy a car. They started arguing with that man. That’s when today they came, then Kelvin and Phil called ba Intercity youths saying let’s go and beat Max, he is publicising that story.”

He complained that the cadres followed him at Northmead.

“They followed me at Northmead and I can even point [at] them, I know them. They are upset because I was defending the President I was saying the President cannot send someone to buy a car. Ba Chirwa gave them money to buy a car, they brought the car to Zambia and sold it. Ba Chirwa ZCF director asked them, they are saying ‘no, it is the President who got your car’,” he narrated.

“They bought the vehicle, sold it and ate the money and now they want to use the President’s name to hide. Me I was defending the President and this is what happened. People swindled money from Mr Chirwa, the ZCF chairman. They are saying ‘Kaizer is the one who sent us to attack you because you are blowing our secrets’. Let me give you their names, Kelvin Mutale and Phil Chikuwa.”

And Max posted the statement below on Facebook warning Kaizer that he would face him:


I appreciate the beating I suffered at the hands of intercity today and am swollen am told you gave an order through kelvin Mutale and Phil Chikuwa in Northmead and I hope you are happy now.

Kelvin Mutale Bwalya and Phil Chikuwa are rejoicing because they are saying you instructed them.

I’m happy, but I can promise you boss am coming to your house so you kill me.

Finish me am ready to die.