PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has asked members of the ruling party to stop fuelling enmity between her boss Davies Mwila and party strategist Kelvin Bwalya Fube, otherwise known as KBF.

But Shakafuswa says the PF is no longer attractive because it’s secretary General lack the desired political clout.

In a statement, Mumbi warned Shakafuswa to stop dividing the party.

“It has come to my attention that there are some people, in particular, Ephraim Shakafuswa, who has been discrediting PF Secretary General Honourable Davies Mwila and agitating that a senior member of the Party and prominent lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya (KBF) should be appointed in his place,” Mumbi charged.

“Ephraim Shakafuswa joined PF not a long time ago and may not understand leadership processes in the ruling Party, let me remind him to desist from creating confusion and bringing animosity between Hon Mwila and KBF. The two are good friends and loyal members of the Party.”

She said KBF was an asset to PF who needed to be respected.

“I also want to remind Ephraim Shakafuswa not to bring KBF’s name into disrepute. He is a respected senior member of the Party and an asset whose good name desperate people should not abuse. It is the same desperate voices that almost succeeded in creating animosity between Honourable Jean Kapata and KBF. I ask all genuine PF members not to be misled by those promoting divisions and internal fights. They should not be given another opportunity to do so again,” she said.

“I therefore ask all members of the Party not to fall prey to deceitful acts aimed at creating confusion in the Party. Our strength is in our unity as a Party. We are all in these positions for such a time as this. Tomorrow others will come and sit where we are.”

She asked members who had better ideas on how to run the party, to approach the secretariat.

“Lastly, let me mention that all those with ideas and concerns, our doors remain open and we are ready to listen. You are welcome to come through to the secretariat. That is your secretariat, your office,” said Mumbi.

In his response, Shakafuswa said in it’s state, the PF would not win the 2021 elections.

Ba mayo, I am in receipt of your message which was sent out via WhatsApp, whose contents i acknowledge. Let me start by saying that I do not want to bring any enmity between SG and KBF, but for radical change purposes. You will agree with me that Patriotic Front is no longer attractive to the masses and we are losing numbers everyday. Worse, we do not even inspire our general membership who have chosen to stand on the fence than to defend the party because the CEO has not given them the reason to defend the party which is so dear to them,” Shakafuswa said.

“The CEO lacks what it takes to read the political mood or dynamics and thus devise strategies to counter not only perceptions that will land us in a grave, but strategies to bring the party back on track. In short the entire secretariat has failed not only the party but the President as well. It is only right that we radically point out that which is wrong, and giving a solution; which in this case is nothing other than changing the SG.”

He begged the party leadership to hear the cry of the general membership.

“For once hear the voices and what they are saying. In 2016 State House had to act as Secretariat to to get us to where we are today. KBF is my choice but that does not limit the President from appointing anyone else who is equal to the task. The Patriotic Front must be made strong enough to survive the President, SG and you bamayo. Your best response to me and others must be nothing other than your strategic plan to bring back the numbers and not those window dressing defections. Let us not lie to ourselves that we can win 2021 in the first round in our current state,” said Shakafuswa.