Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says the NDC has hired a private photographer to capture all structures that President Edgar Lungu has built for himself in the past one year.
And Kambwili says government deflated the prices of maize intentionally in the last farming season to enable it cleanse the money acquired dubiously.

Addressing residents of Mansa district during a party mobilisation tour of Luapula Province today, Kambwili explained that the pictures would eventually be published in the media “for citizens to see and make their own judgment” on how the President amassed such wealth in a short period of time.

“Edgar Lungu is too scared, so after removing me from government he became scared of me and his only option was to expel me from the party. But I am not bothered about the issue of expelling me because I always kneel down to God and I ask him to say ‘my God what wrong have I done to this person, pantu nalile icalo conse mukumucitila campaign, nomba echo namulufyanya cinshi? (I went round the whole country to campaign for him so what wrong did I do)’ but God tells me ‘there is nothing you have done wrong, I have just removed you from PF because what is going to be happening in this government going forward is disgusting’ and I said that’s okay my Lord I can work even as MP but look where we are,” Kambwili said.

“When you come to Lusaka… in fact what we have done now is that we have appointed a photographer to capture all the buildings that Edgar has built in just one year, because if we just keep talking people will start thinking that we are lying. So this photographer will take pictures of all the structures Lungu has build for himself in just one year and then we are going to publish the whole thing in the paper so that people can judge if someone can build structures of that kind in just one year. Ba Edgar elo bacitile declare tabatwebelepo at nalikwata amakwebo nangula ati ndemba copper, elyo babepwishe occupation batilefye peasant farmer. Nomba peasant farmer ewingakula ifukulwa fyonse filya efyo tulemona? (because when he was declaring his assets, Edgar didn’t tell us that he had any businesses or that he dealt in copper. When asked about his profession, he just said that he is a peasant farmer, now can a peasant farmer build all those things we are seeing?”)

And Kambwili said those in government were benefiting from the low maize price this year.

“Do you know why they (government) have reduced the price of maize? I want to explain to you today, that money they acquired dubiously like for example when they purchased fire engines at exaggerated amounts, when that money is given to them, they can not store it in their bank accounts because banks always become suspicious when someone goes there with huge amounts of cash. So they are getting these monies and hide it in their houses and then they think to themselves to say ‘what can we possibly use to clean this money and eventually get it to be stored in the banks?’ And then they realise to say ‘let’s go to farmers and buy their maize’. So when they buy that maize, they export it to Zimbabwe or Congo so that those countries could send back the money through banks. And that way even if the banks asked them, they could just say it’s payment for export of maize and that’s what we call money laundering,” said Kamwbili.

Meanwhile, newly appointed National Democratic Congress Spokesperson Eric chanda called on the people to work with the party to remove President Lungu and the PF from power.

“Freedom does not come on a silver plate, for you to have jobs and all the other things, you need to unite, you need to keep supporting this organisation of NDC because you all know what Kambwili has done. If you want things to work out, NDC is the way. If we depend on Edgar Lungu to deliver us, things will get worse so let us just support NDC,” said Chanda.

“In fact, 2021 is too far. So, if you people are fed up with Edgar Lungu’s leadership, you know what to do especially you women, you know exactly what do just like you do in marriages when you are tired. When Kaunda made people to start lining up for a bag of mealie meal, he didn’t finish his term of office, he was removed. That is why we are asking you to cement this party in all wards and Constituencies so that by the time we get convinced that are strong enough and are tired of the PF leadership, we can just go to State House together and kick him out,” said Chanda.