God has blessed Zambia with so many natural resources like Copper, gold, gemstones and cement among other precious stones, says Copperbelt ministers Bowman Lusambo

And Lusambo has charged that Kambwili’s brain does not coordinate with his mouth.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s The Hot Seat programme yesterday, the minister who is also Kabushi PF member of parliament said those who are condemning him for saying he was President Edgar Lungu’s bootlicker, should concentrate on smoking dagga because they know nothing about politics.

Explaining why government had deported an Israeli investor who was a shareholder in a gemstone mine, Lusambo said the PF government was eager to protect the interest of the Zambian people first.

“Us as Copperbelt province and as government of his Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, our priority number one is to protect our people. We have God-given natural resources, we have copper, we have diamond, we have emeralds, we have lime, we have gold, we have cement and other precious stones. Yes we need our colleagues the investors to come and invest in our country and we protect the investment, but what we are not going to tolerate is any investor who will come in our country and start abusing our people. That one we wont tolerate. And I want to urge all mining companies and other companies within the Copperbelt province that we are watching you,” he said.

“As Copperbelt minister, I’m there, I’m using my microscope to see whatever things which is going on in those firms. We want to respect each other. As we are respecting their investments, let them respect our people. Let them work with our people in harmony. Some of the issues I can’t discuss here, but I can just confirm that that man was deported and he has gone. We are not going to tolerate any lawlessness on the Copperbelt province.”

Some listeners immediately turned to social media to share memes about cement being a God given natural resources in form or a precious stone.

And Lusambo said the party that would remove PF from power had not yet been formed, adding that NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili’s head was not coordinating with his mouth.

“I have seen political parties formed and I have seen how government gets out of power and I have seen the wind of change. I can assure you that the political party which would be capable to come and win and take us out from government, it is not yet formed. When wind of change come, you will see it in all the 10 provinces, all the 156, 154, 153 constituencies. Those in NDC are in a dream land. That party you are talking about, to me that is not a political party. If you can reduce it to a church set up, they are just meeting maybe to share how they are going to sell scrap metals. On the Copperbelt province, there is a lion who is the king of the jungle, so they are failing to penetrate,” Lusambo said.

“That man you are talking about is just entertaining people. So when we have five, 10 minutes to relax and we see this big dramatist, a joker talking about things which are not even there, us we enjoy that drama. He is a dramatist, he is a person who has no substance because his brain and his mouth, they don’t coordinate. And if you have been followed him, you can agree with me that his brain and his mouth, they don’t coordinate. The mouth will say things which the brain will not even pick.”

Lusambo said bootlicking and loyalty mean the same thing in politics.

“Some of the people who have condemned that statement, they are not politicians and they don’t know what happens in politics. When it comes to politics, we have our own way of working within a political fraternity. There was nothing wrong, literally nothing wrong as far as I’m concerned with saying ‘I am number one bootlicker for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. There is no difference between bootlicking and loyalty. Bootlicking and loyalty in politics is one and the same. We serve as ministers on the pleasure of the President of the Republic of Zambia,” he said.

“I can assure you that the statement which I made in Ndola, at Protea hotel, I have no apology to anyone. I know exactly what I meant. Some people who are condemning this statement are the people who don’t even know what happens in politics. They are people who are supposed to concentrate on smoking dagga than condemning the things which they don’t know. The President can only perform if he has loyal servants.”

Meanwhile, Lusambo said it would be a good move if government decided to ban the use of social media platfomr such as WhatsApp and Facebook because it was detroying the working culture.

“We are on bootlicking because I want to put this record straight. Some people today are even composing songs, wasting time in the studios. Instead of adding value to the development of this country, they are wasting time composing songs to attack politicians. So I have been taken aback by these young youths who want to start politics for nothing. They don’t even understand the dynamics in the political fraternity. What they want is to excite people. It is not necessary, and I wouldn’t be surprised if government or any government decides to ban whatsapping and Facebook in this country. Because it is destroying our culture,” said Lusambo.

“Sometimes this democracy we enjoy has destroyed our people. When you go to some of the government offices, private companies, people are busy on Facebook and on WhatsApp. They are wasting 75, 80 percent of their time on the phone instead of doing constructive things.”