The Patriotic Front in Kitwe has asked its district vice information and public secretary Gift Kalumba to exculpate himself or be suspended for allegedly attacking the party and President Edgar Lungu.

According to a letter dated November 30, 2017 signed by Kitwe District vice chairman Everisto Chilufya, Kalumba has been attacking the party in PF WhatsApp groups, on social and print media.

“Information has been brought to the attention of the party that some of the comments you have been making in various PF WhatsApp blogs, social and print media have been in bad taste. As a long standing member of the PF and holding a critical position of vice IPS, it is expected of you to be in the front line to defend the decisions of the party and your government. However, we have learnt with concern that in most cases you have contributed to debates and discussion that do not defend the party and President,” read the letter.

Kalumba is one of the PF founder members and a former Rokana ward councilor.

He had also applied to stand for Nkana constituency but was not adopted.

When contacted, Kalumba said he is innocent and will continue to defend the party.

“I will not say much on that, but I am innocent and will continue to defend the party. I am PF and I have been defending the party and will continue,” said Kalumba.