PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri yesterday agreed with Kabwe Central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube that the PF government had disappointed farmers with the failed E-voucher system.

And Phiri says the ruling party is not threatened by Chishimba Kambwili’s participation in the 2021 presidential race, but added that if the Roan MP is chosen by God, he will take over as Head of State.

Meanwhile Phiri has explained that the newly procured ambulances at the Ministry of Health were cheaper because they did not come with any particular specifications, as they were meant for maternal health and not emergencies.

Speaking when she featured on Unza Radio’s Lusaka Star program yesterday, Phiri said Ngulube spoke the truth when he said the PF government had failed to manage the distribution of farming inputs this year.

She added that there was sabotage involved, which needed to be investigated.

“Tutwa Ngulube talked about Kafue textiles, he spoke the truth. He talked about the failed input which hasn’t been delivered, he spoke the truth. PF is the most democratic party because in other parties they can’t allow you to speak. That’s why as a party we even allow people to challenge our President,” Phiri said.

“Tutwa didn’t speak bad about the party, he spoke about the policies which have failed in agriculture. And it’s true the E-Voucher has failed! Even me I’m speaking. We are not happy about it. And this is sabotage. Because you cannot deposit money in the banks and then the banks are not giving out to the people? We are still investigating.”

And the former Munali PF member of parliament said leadership comes from God.

“We wish him all the best,” Phiri said when asked if the PF felt threatened by Kambwili.

“How can we be threatened? Remember in 2015 the difficulties we had? We only campaigned for 21 days. In the 2016 elections we had those who thought they were big, they went and campaigned else where. But when God chooses you, he will choose you. If Kambwili is God-chosen in 2021, he will take over because leadership comes from God. We wish him all the best.”

Meanwhile, Phiri said the newly procured ambulances at the Ministry of Health were cheaper because they were meant for maternal health and did not come with any specifications like the controversial emergency ambulances.

“Those 25 ambulances at US$52,550, that was a grant. We were not given those ambulances for free. It was a grant through the UN and bought by the ministry of health. The donated 25 ambulances are meant for maternal health. They are ambulances for us pregnant women which can drive you to UTH. It’s just a bench, you don’t need any specifications. These other ambulances [the 50 controversial ambulances procured at US$11.5 million], they are emergency ambulances, they are like an ICU. You have everything there. If you have a cardiac arrest, they are able to treat you in the ambulance. They are not ordinary ambulances. It was worth it,” she said.

And Phiri said PF strongly condemns violence.

“Violence as PF, we have condemned it strongly. Don’t just talk about PF. If we want this violence to stop, let us talk about where our history is coming from where violence is concerned. Was the mapatizya formula done by the PF? When our brother Charles Kakoma was undressed in Solwezi was PF there? We condemn violence. When I see a young girl like the one who was undressed on youth day from UPND, even if I’m PF if it’s done by my party, which was clear it was our youths, I condemned. And I wish I was a police officer those would have been arrested but I have no powers. We have to talk to the police and tell them to do their jobs. If I belong to FDD and FDD is being violent then I try to pretend, we are not helping this country. This country is bigger than all of us. Let there be peace in this country,” she said.

Asked why PF officials distanced the party from attacks on NDC officials at 5fm Radio, Phiri said the matter was still discussed by the party’s Central Committee.

“We know each other very well and I don’t want to preempt that because we are looking at that as a party. As a party we are very disciplined. Yes I’m the party spokesperson but I can’t review something which hasn’t gone through the Central Committee.