Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube says he has offered himself to represent the PF youths who were arrested on Tuesday for intercepting a convoy of trucks ferrying suspected illegal Mukula logs.

He told News Diggers in an interview that the youths do not have money to afford legal fees, and as such, he would represent them for free to ensure that their freedoms are reinstalled.

KBF said the youths were still detained in police custody, but stressed that they were taken to the police voluntarily.

“They are currently in Central Police under custody of the police. They were detained from yesterday. We took them to the police station voluntarily because we didn’t want them to be fugitives of the law. When the police are looking for you, you best surrender yourself to the police. So we took the youths to the police yesterday, they were detained,” KBF said.

He said he was making frantic efforts to have the youths released.

“The police have told us that they are carrying out investigations. We respect their right to investigate and we have left it at that. But we have also engaged the police into discussions and we have also engaged some other people so that we have an amicable solution to this matter. So right now the youths are still in detention but we are working very hard to ensure that they are released and their freedom is restored. I’m representing them [for free because] they have no money,” said KBF.