Bickering between the Nevers Mumba and Felix Mutati MMD factions has resumed, with the former demanding to take over the party secretariat.

The rival national secretaries of the two camps, Elizabeth Chitika and Raphael Nakacinda are challenging each others legitimacy while the court is yet to rule over the leadership dispute between Mumba and Mutati.

In the latest development, Chitika has written to Nakachinda, demanding that he vacates office.

“This is a letter of demand for you to leave the Secretariat without any further delay by respecting the order of process regarding our Party. The case of the illegal convention that you held in May 2016 at which you purported to have elected yourselves to positions in the Party is before the Courts of law. You are aware of this. In the action before the Court you appear and sign all the legal documents in your personal capacity. You have no legal reason or right for posturing as the MMD National Secretary when in fact your actions are being challenged in the Courts,” stated Chitika.

“The papers from the Registrar of Societies which you have been fronting do not give you any authority at all because they are part of the illegality that stems from the illegal Convention. Therefore, until the Courts have pronounced themselves, you remain an illegal faction group and have no right to hold yourselves out as leaders in our Party… The hour has come and we demand that: you vacate the Secretariat without any further delay, you restrain your self from ransacking the assets of the Party, you wait patiently for the conclusion of the cases before the courts”

She stated that the MMD faction was restraining itself from forcing the Mutati faction out of office.

“We wish to put it on record that, the only reason we have not acted in an unreasonable and confrontational manner before and do not wish to do so now, is because we care about our party and wish for it to remain at peace with itself. Please consider this as our final demand that you vacate the Secretariat,” stated Chitika.