President Edgar Lungu says he will not waste time responding to corruption allegations from foul-mouthed emerging political party leaders whose sole purpose is to annoy him.

And President Lungu says Zambia is likely to have a poor harvest but the country can pull through if the Food Reserve Agency manages the maize in stock well.

Speaking when he addressed supporters at the Zambia Air Force Samora Machel base in Mbala today.

The Head of State asked PF cadres not to beat up such foul mouthed politicians saying it would give them impetus to brand the ruling party violent.

“Zambia is full of intelligent people who are able to see which party, which leader means well for the Zambian people and it is PF. Don’t be swayed or provoked by the foul mouthed politicians who are emerging now, whose sole aim is to annoy you. I want to make it very clear, don’t be swayed by the emerging political parties which are proliferating, whose main objective is to insult you and annoy you so that you can beat them and and they start saying that PF is a violent party. There is a growing tendency in the party by some emerging political forces to provoke us, to annoy us, to accuse us of all sorts of things so that we get upset and get derailed and lose direction, we will stand steady and firm and continue to work for the Zambian people,” President Lungu said.

“I will not sink so low as to respond to some of the allegations being made by some of these foul mouthed good for nothing politicians with no trusted record of being with the people. You know, there is a good saying in Bemba that umwaice balamubala nokuuma, wamuuma (you can offend a child but still beat that child afterwards). But I won’t go that extent because when I beat them, then I will be at their level.”

And President Lungu noted that Zambia was likely to record a poor harvest this year.

“We were asking the Minister of Agriculture to give us an indication, we are worried yes, but she said it is a bit too early to give us a forecast but from a lay man’s perspective, we might have a poor harvest,” he said.

Asked if government had out measures in place to ensure food security, the Head of State said; “We have taken stock of what we have in terms of FRA reserves, we are are comfortable but it depends on how we manage the utilisation of that maize which is in stock.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu said he was on a countrywide fact finding mission to ensure the people entrusted with jobs were working.

He said he did not want to see people earning money without working.