Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says PF will not protect any member who will be found taking part in violent activities, regardless of their position in the party.

And Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri says investigations are still ongoing in a matter where some NDC members were attacked by suspected cadres have continued.

In an interview with News Diggers!, Mumbi regretted the attack on NDC members saying that the ruling party does not protect any violent member regardless of their position.

“Over that violence which happened, we condemn it in the strongest term. Unfortunately when those things were happening I wasn’t around so I only heard about it when I came back. But as I have always said, us as leadership of PF we don’t condone violence. We have disciplined people before. As journalists you should help us by pointing out [who did it]. Because this violence behaviour… right now we have our provincial chair lady Maggie Mumba, she’s saving a suspension because of the same behaviour. Us we don’t protect anybody regardless of what position you have. If you are violent you will be dealt with accordingly,” Mumbi warned.

“On Wednesday when Eric Chanda (NDC spokesperson) called a radio station, he said he could identify the people who were involved in that fracas. I called back and I encouraged him to come to our office if truly he can identify them, we go together because we can’t tolerate [violence]. Up to now I’m still waiting for his call so that he can identify those he says were part of that. I’m waiting for Eric Chanda to get in touch with me so that those can be identified.”

Mumbi said President Edgar Lungu wanted peace to prevail among political parties.

“I can assure Zambians that when President Lungu is telling the police to deal with law breakers, he means exactly that. Because even where we are, in private meetings, he emphasises that ‘we are not going to allow a few criminals to put this country on fire, no’. As Head of State and as President of the party the President wants to see peace prevailing among us political parties. Being politicians and belonging to different political parties doesn’t make us enemies. We can differ in our political ideology but at the end of the day we are all Zambians and we want to make Zambia a better place economically, politically,” she said,

Mumbi pointed out that some people who were desperate to get into State House were painting PF as a violent party.

“What is happening in this country, I have always given an example of that [Mapenzi] Chibulo [UPND supporter] who was shot. Up to now we don’t know. That young girl died and we don’t know who shot her. To me it shows the level of desperation for people to paint PF black so that they get to State House. Our founding father President Micheal Sata refused that he didn’t want any blood to be spilled for him to get to State House. And us as his followers we have followed that,” said Mumbi.

“I have been following what’s happening on social media, some people are even claiming that those thugs were sponsored by one political party to go and cause havoc and make it look like its PF. People are so desperate and people don’t wait upon the Lord to give them what belongs to them. They can do anything but at the end of the day even Zambians are able to see who is violent and who is not. So we shouldn’t worry about haters, they will always be there. These are African politics.”

And Commissioner Phiri said the NDC attack was still being investigated.

“I don’t know know if they are PF or they are NDC but we arrested three people from the same fracas. We don’t know whether they are PF, but for us they are criminals. And if there are many more we are still investigating the matter,” said Phiri.