Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has warned that if the National Democratic Congress joins hands with other opposition leaders to fight PF, the ruling party will be obliterated.

And Kambwili claimed that PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, Media Director Sunday Chanda and his deputy Antonio Mwanza paid a PF thug nicknamed “Commando” to attacked him if he went ahead to feature on a TV programme on Monday.

Meanwhile Kambwili has challenged Energy Minister David Mabumba to tell the public how some companies that are connected to the powers that be, were selected to supply petroleum products.

He was speaking during a press conference at his house yesterday.

“Last night I was supposed to be on ‘Oxygen of democracy’ programme on Prime TV. We were reliably informed that the PF, through its Secretary General [Davies] Mwila, sent K12, 000 to Commando directing him to organise four buses and thugs with pangas to come to Prime TV so that they cause some violence. The owners of the TV Station contacted the police to ask them whether we could go ahead with the program and whether the police could provide security for us. To our dismay police told them that they had also received information that PF wanted to come and attack us. And the only thing they told the owners of the TV Station was that do not go ahead with the program. Why should the police fail to arrest Commando whom they know? When we were attacked at Central police station Commando was there and he was identified by our people. They know where he’s found. And joke of the year, the following morning he (Commando) even issued a statement warning me. Of all people, Commando warning Imbwili. Mwaiche wandi Commando, kuti watinya Imbwili iwe? You are not my size, my size is Presidents. I don’t deal with nonentities. I deal with Presidents. So I can not worst my time to talk about Commando a common criminal,” charged Kambwili.

“I’m appealing to the Secretary General of PF, I know Mwila, his background is violence. You can even see the way he looks. Secretary General amonekafye kwati nichi criminal. Please ba Mwila na abantu benu can we do the right thing. You are going to destroy this country because this country will degenerate into violence which you will not stop. Let me tell you that people in the opposition, combined opposition are more than PF sympathisers. And if the opposition decide to come together and fight you, you will not fight back. But I don’t think we have to go that direction, we are just asking you Mwila to behave and the police to do their job. I also want to appeal to my younger brother Sunday Chanda, don’t think the people of Zambia are stupid. You were with Mwila, Antonio Mwanza and Commando when you were planning [with] them to come and attack us yesterday. And then you are the first one to issue a statement that the ‘PF does not subscribe to violence, I should not leave in the shadow of fear’. Sunday mwaiche wandi, akatanshi takalisha, akalekelesha ekalalisha.”

He wondered why police were reluctant to arrest the PF thug called Commando.

“It has now become very clear that the Zambia police is not interested in fighting the violence being perpetrated by Commando at the Intercity Bus Terminus with his thugs. The police have been intimidated by the Patriotic Front. The police have, with impunity, allowed this criminal called Commando with some thugs to be levying buses and traders who are operating from Intercity Bus Terminus and they use this money for their personal livelihood. In return they are now being used to perpetrate violence against innocent opposition political parties. These attacks are directly being perpetrated against the NDC and myself. I cannot understand why we should be threatened to go and appear on a TV station,” he said.

And Kambwili named seven companies contracted to supply fuel, which he said had links to the powers.

“I have raised issues of corruption in this government and every time we raise these issues we are told that we are insulting people, we are bitter. I want to pose a question to the Ministry of Energy to tell the Zambians under what circumstances they have chosen the seven companies to supply finished petroleum products. When you look at the companies that have been recommended, in fact they are just about to sign the contract, you will see that they are companies that are closer to the powers. And sometimes we maybe saying the President is corrupt yet it is the people at the lower end that are perpetrating corruption. I want to ask the Minister of Energy [David] Mabumba, the Permanent Secretary of energy and the procurement committee in the Ministry of Energy to tell us,” Kambwili demanded.

“These are the seven companies that have been shortlisted: Delta energy, BB energy, EL Shaddai Capital, LBM Investment Limited, Cash Fin Zambia limited, Chrisma Earth Moving Equipment and Davon Oil. This is what is known as State capture. So I want the ministry of energy to explain to the people of Zambia how they shortlisted these companies. This procurement stinks corruption.”

He further challenged Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary to explain a contract for the supply of military uniforms.

“We also want comrade Sturdy Mwale the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence to tell us. There’s an allegation that there was a tender for the supply of army uniforms for ZAF. The lowest quote was $14 million and the Ministry of Defence decided to award the contract to the company that quoted $67 million. We are asking you Sturdy Mwale, can you clarify whether indeed the ministry of defense has given a tender to a company to supply army uniforms at $67 million when there is a company that quoted $14 million for the same uniforms. We leave it to Sturdy Mwale and probably the army chief for ZAF to answer these questions. So may we have answers to whether indeed this procurement took place,” Kambwili said.

He also demanded that solders are withdrawn from patrolling the Central Business District in Lusaka.

“The army patrolling the town centre has now become a nuisance. We have heard so many complaints in the townships where people are being beaten. They get someone in town and start punishing them to do physical exercise, beating them. This is getting out of hand. Since these complaints arose we have never heard any government official condemn this act. Its becoming too much. We appreciate the job that the army did and I’m appealing to his Excellency the President, they have done their part. Take them back to their barrack. Let the people of Zambia leave freely,” said Kambwili.