People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says the money which PF ministers are dishing out during the ongoing early campaigns, belongs to the people, therefore, citizens must gladly accept it, but vote them out in 2021.

And Mulongoti says President Edgar Lungu’s statement in a circulating video where he is heard saying “even if you vote us out, we will not move out, because you voted us out in 2015,2016 but we are still here” proves that he rigged the 2016 elections and he will continue to rigging.

In an interview with News Diggers! on Wednesday, Mulongoti charged that the money which PF ministers were dishing out was proceeds of corruption.

“The PF as a political party is not a business entity which generates income. We have already seen that they are able to deliver bicycles all over the country. Coming from where? It’s confirming our fears that PF leaders are steep in corruption. Where have they gotten the money to buy bicycles and all the things they are giving all over the country? Let me remind them that Mr Rupiah Banda had materials and money, he lost. The people of Zambia are awake now. You can entice them with materials but they know where the money is coming from. They should accept those materials happily knowing that you are giving them back their money and in the end they will vote the opposite,” he said.

“The Secretary General [Davies Mwila] is the one going around the country, busy delivering materials. Where is he getting the money from to go around enticing the people? One day he has to answer to that. It’s not possible that a political party in this country where the economy is stressful can have so much materials to scatter around the country. It’s an indication that the tender processes which are corrupt is where they are getting this money from.”

Mulongoti said President Lungu’s statement that he would not move despite being voted out, proved that he rigged the 2016 elections.

“Mr Lungu has chosen to unleash arrogance on us. He is saying he is going nowhere. Surely it’s an electoral process. So what he is saying to us is that the complaints of 2016 are genuine, that he rigged and he will continue to rig. But we will not allow that. My advice to him is that let him start packing. Pack and start preparing for your exit. The people of Zambia have already seen through him, they have seen through the dishonest conduct of the PF government. The people of Zambia are asking from the PF the promises they made. There are more taxes now, less money in the pockets, the food on the table is missing, agriculture policies have collapsed, what is it that they have got to offer the people of Zambia?” wondered Mulongoti.

“So if they think they can go around offering them cash and other things, Mr Rupiah Banda did it. He walked out empty handed and he wept like a child. We have poor people and rich leaders. They can’t tell us they have no money when we see them flying all over, driving the most recent cars in the world, look at the houses they have constructed? Which is not normal for a public servant. So Minister don’t pretend, don’t think we can’t see what’s going on. The people of Zambia are watching you very closely.”