Party of National Unity leader Highvie Hamududu has expressed disgust at the ongoing premature campaigns in the country, which he says are distracting government from delivering services to the people.

In an interview with News Diggers! Hamududu said it was shocking to see a ruling party desperately begging to be voted into power when it was already in office.

“PF should stop politicking and address the weak economy and poor public service delivery. It is disappointing and disheartening to see a ruling party engaging in a political peacock dance with the opposition political parties at the expense of addressing pressing issues, such as the weak economy, poor public service delivery, literally in all ministries, provinces and other government agencies. PF must be reminded that they were sworn in government, and they cannot put most of their focus and energy on politicking and premature campaigns as if they are an opposition party proposing to get into government,” Hamudud said.

“Because of the behaviour of the ruling party, the whole country has been turned into a political Hollywood. There must be a difference between the conduct of a ruling party and an opposition party. Once a party is elected into office, its focus and campaign should be about meeting the aspirations of the citizens. Why are they still proposing to Zambians to elect them when they are already in office. The basis for their quest to be re-elected depends on delivering to the expectations of citizens and not politicking as if they are an opposition political party.”

He advised the PF to focus on delivering development so that their works could campaign for them.

“Zambians are going through a rough time, and the ruling party must do the right thing, by delivering. The economy is weak, public service delivery is poor all around, Agriculture is in a mess, education is in a mess, local authorities are in a mess, etc. Look at the weakening macro economic fundamentals, the poor support to farmers during this farming season, the long closure of our public universities, pupils failing to go to school due to parents failing to pay school fees, the dirty and disorganised local authorities etc,” said Hamududu.

“Come 2021, the PF must answer the question of what they have delivered, besides the election hullabaloo, citizens deserve and are legitimately entitled to better service delivery by their government in office at all times. Get to work PF, provide the right leadership before our country is plugged into implosion due to frustrations of citizens.”