Dismantling debt owed to health workers will take a while – Minister

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya says government has started dismantling the personal emolument debts owed to health workers at various levels but the process will take long as the amounts involved are colossal.

Responding to a question by Kasama Central PF member of parliament Kelvin Sampa who wanted to know when the outstanding allowances owed to the staff at Kasama General Hospital in form of repatriation, leave travel benefits, settling-in and subsistence allowances would be paid, Tuesday, Dr Chilufya said although government had commenced with the liquidation of debt, the process would take a little longer because the figures involved were colossal.

“We would like to report that government has started dismantling the personal emoluments debt. And every month there is an amount of money that is released to head quarters and this is spread out to all the provincial health offices for onward payment of health workers at various levels. So government has commenced the liquidation of the debt on repatriation, leave travel benefits, settling-in and subsistence allowances to the staff at Kasama General Hospital,” he said.

“The House may wish to note that the figures involved are colossal and therefore the process will take a little longer. And the medical consultants who were deployed to the hospital have already reported for duty.”

And Dr Chilufya said on average, they received about K10 million from government for dismantling personal emolument debts for the whole ministry.

“The figures fluctuate depending on the grant that we receive from government. On average we do receive about K10 million for dismantling personal emoluments debts for the whole ministry,” he said.

Dr Chilufya further said government had procured a modern ultra sound machine for Kasama General Hospital.

“Government has already procured, delivered and installed a modern ultra sound machine at Kasama general hospital. Further, Kasama general hospital has a functional X-ray machine. Government has already procured contracts where dialysis machines will be placed at Kasama general hospital within the next two months and dialysis services will be introduced at Kasama general hospital. Government through the Ministry of Health has planned to procure a cold room for Kasama General Hospital by end of second quarter 2018,” said Dr Chilufya.


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