The Centre for Statistical Excellence and Research (CSER) says the job of lecturers is to teach and not to demand for someone’s resignation.

And CSER, which is a research organisation committed towards promoting the socio-economic development of Zambia, says contrary to allegations leveled against him, CBU Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma has transformed the institution.

In a statement yesterday, CSER executive director Kingsley Chinyama, who is a former CBU senate member, offered to mediate dialogue between lecturers and Professor Ngoma.

“Centre for Statistical Excellence and Research has noted with serious concerns about the ongoing fracas at the Copperbelt University between Lecturers and the Vice Chancellor. CSER would like to advise both the Vice Chancellor and the Lecturers to revisit the core values of the University and understand the reasons why they are in those offices. Lecturers’ job is to assist students on their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plans which should be compatible with their life goals, a continuous process which is built upon the basis of frequent, accumulated personal contacts between them as advisors and students as advisees. But what we have seen as a professional organisation is that lecturers have lost the academic focus and have started engaging themselves in politics which has at this point is affecting students psychologically and academically. The Copperbelt University lecturers should engage the Vice Chancellor Prof Naison Ngoma into a meaningful dialogue than demanding him to step-down. The reasons the lecturers have brought forth are just mere allegations which are neither here nor there and have the capacity to put the university’s good reputation and standard into disrepute,” Chinyama stated.

“CSER would like to advise the lecturers union not to abuse the justice process but follow the right channel of airing their grievances. CBU has an institute of peace and conflict studies school which I think they can engage to iron out the problems at hand in the interest of students. As a research organisation, we have offered ourselves to be at the centre of resolving the above in the interest of the students and the nation at-large by providing expertize in the Arbitration/ Mediation process through our legal and political committee. As a Former President and senator of the Copperbelt University, on behalf of CSER, we would like to inform the nation on the few massive changes in appearance and the services that the university has undergone during Prof Nasion Ngoma’s Vice Chancellorship.”

And Chinyama stated that Prof Ngoma had transformed CBU.

“Internet; there was no such service, but now almost everyone around at CBU is able to access internet, students who were unable to buy hardcopy books can now download books via the online library in their rooms. Study space; the introduction and erecting of a the Multi-Purpose Facility has tremendously increased the study space, before then students used to have difficulties in terms of Study Space especially during rain season and at night. Students can safely study at anytime. Banks; CBU never had any single bank branch there was only a ZANACO ATM, which at most time was out of service, CBU has three banks and multiple ATMs in campus. He sourced money for the construction of School of Medicine, the land which is housing school of medicine was his and he just gave it to the university to put up that school, he made sure that Robert Makasa University was given to CBU as a branch for the School of Natural Resources’ and opened up CBU Israel campus for Natural Resource students which works as an exchange student program,” stated Chinyama.

“However, what lecturers should focus on as we are going to spearhead the Arbitration/ Mediation process is to present factual information in line with their responsibilities as lecturers. Lecturers need to differentiate the work of the University Council and theirs, their duty is not to call for the resignation of someone as they are not mandated to employ but to teach and demand better services. Finally, we hope the two parties will be willing to settle their differences in the interest of students.”