Suspended PF Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says opposition political parties must not get excited to start warming up to her because even if she was expelled from the ruling party she would stay at home instead of jumping into another party like a political prostitute.

And Phiri has distanced herself from the circulating WhatsApp screenshot alleging that she confided with Chishimba Kambwili about President Edgar Lungu only listening to Ronald Chitotela and Steven Kampyongo.

Phiri told News Diggers! in an interview that some UPND stooges had started sending comforting messages to her like flies scrambling for faeces.

“Ku inbox kwandi uyu Rally Mweetwa uwa UPND nao acintumina messege, I will send you screen shots ifyo nacimwasuka. Just tell them that my suspension should not attract flies to be coming to me as if I am faeces. Me I have made it very clear that when I retire I am not available for gamble. I will never be a political prostitute. Even if I was expelled on Saturday, I was going to stay home. Larry Mweetwa sending me a message? He expects me to join their party with a President who doesn’t even respect women?” asked Phiri.

The message purportedly sent by Mweetwa read: “I just want to tell you that we are with you in whatever situation you are going through.I know you have done a lot for your party in terms of mobilisation. Be strong and may God bless you.”

But Phirir responded saying: “Wahat situation? I am very fine my dear. If I can move with my head high with your lies then this is nothing. And please don’t you ever inbox me. This should be your last time. I don’t like associating with people who are not truthful like you.”

And Phiri said she was not a dog for her to go back and eat what he had vomited.

“I don’t know if you have seen what is circulating on social media where they are saying I sent a message to Chishimba Kambwili. Let me tell the people of Zambia, me Mumbi Phiri I am not a dog who can vomit something and go back and eat. Chishimba Kambwili was talking about my toilet tissue, how can he be the first person for me to send such a message?,” asked Phiri.

“[For] those who don’t know, I don’t even talk to him since I went to Parliament. I don’t even have his number. Even if I was expelled from PF today, I have said it, I never go back on my words, I will retire from active politics to go and start cooking nshima for Mr Phiri. That is what I used to do. And selling tomato and chibwabwa at the market. I will never and I repeat, I will never be a political prostitute. Its fake, it has been created by ba UPND.”