Civil rights activist Brebner Changala says Zambia is being government by a bunch of little frightened men who have ganged up with the defeated criminals from MMD to destroys the country.

In a statement shared on his Facebook page, Changala observed that the PF leadership was now committing a lot of criminal activities in the name of innocent citizens.

“Our country is in wrong hands! Let the truth be told. We are being governed by a bunch of little frightened men and women.
Our rights to assemble and associate are being infringed upon on a daily basis all in our name. The only crime is we voted for them, thereby surrendering all our cherished freedoms and personal liberties,” Changala said.

“When Mr Sata and PF was in opposition they invited the then US Ambassador and his British counterpart to their only party convention and the MMD led by Rupiah Banda never panicked or acted in a silly way. PF is on a mission to destroy the good name that Zambia has enjoyed over the many years of our cherished democratic governance.”

“He charged that the PF government has lost legitimacy from Zambians to continue ruling.

“Our international airports are now being abused to harass both local and international visitors all in the name of a sovereign state. You can’t have a legitimate government that seems to be fighting all and sundry. PF government has lost legitimate support from it’s own party and structures and is now extremely dangerous to our governance system. PF and it’s leadership are now committing a lot of criminal activities in our name as a people of Zambia. This must be stopped forth with. We cannot be tainted and dented as a country by a gang of elected criminals with unbridled appetite for dictatorial actions and state sponsored anarchy,” Changala charged.

“They deported [Mmusi] Maimani from SA, they deported Zondwa from SA, they detained [Chishimba] Kambwili at the Airport. Now they have deported the Cuban Ambassador. Opposition leaders are detained at will. Policemen and women are now the law unto themselves. In the midst of all this chaos, the State President is missing in action like Chuck Norris. Leadership and governance has been surrendered to an arrogant police force.”

He said the PF leadership was governing like they were masters and not servants.

“The elected officials are governing as though they are doing us a favor and not a duty. They are now our masters and not our servants. The arrogance in PF administration is frightening to the extent that they have destroyed all institutions of good governance. We need a national indaba for us all as country to find a lasting and sustainable solution to this self inflicted human calamity. We are all in serious leadership crisis in Zambia. Hired criminals from Defeated MMD have meshed in very well with the victorious PF thugs,” said Changala.