Kasempa UPND member of parliament Brenda Tambatamba has warned that the ferrying of cadres from Lusaka to Kasempa ahead of the April 24 by-election will cause chaos in the area.

And Tambatamba says government’s reluctance to embark on developmental projects in Kasempa implies that they consider certain parts of the country more Zambian than others.

Speaking to journalists at the UPND secretariat, Monday, Tambatamba accused PF of ferrying gun wielding cadres to her area.

“We have seen a huge influx of people from Lusaka going to Kasempa for by-elections. Some of them with guns. They are carrying guns going into Kasempa. Yet we carried out a national election without violence in Kasempa. Someone has gone to promote guns. And those who have been seen with guns are the PF,” Tambatamba charged.

And Tambatamba lamented underdevelopment in her area.

“How then do we talk about national values and say no one should be left behind when you don’t want to help citizens from Kasempa? The PF believe that certain parts of this country are less Zambian than some other parts of this country. Especially the center, Lusaka, where most of the politicians live. So, they have made Lusaka become Zambia than the peripheries of this country. And whether they say six o’clock or what, I think they are denying the Zambian people because the people who live in Kasempa are not just, they are Zambians. They are all sorts of Zambians and many others from different parts of this country who are living in Kasempa. So how can you many a business case of because that is six o’clock, you are denying Zambians. And so you shouldn’t talk about the national values at all and then when you don’t talk about the national values, and when you don’t stand by them, when don’t walk the talk, you are not worthy the leadership that the Zambian people are looking for,” said Tambatamba.

“I want to mention that Kasempa-Mumbwa road is my passion. Even when I was going to contest to become member of parliament, it was item number one on my agenda. I’m sure you are aware that Kasempa is very close to Lusaka and yet somebody will tell you when you ask about Kasempa, where is Kasempa they will say wow, its so far away. Kasempa is not far away from Lusaka. Its less than five hundred kilometers from Lusaka I have driven myself from Kasempa to Lusaka. From fivr am, I arrived at 11 am. And that’s a gravel road, what if it was a tarred toad? I would have driven for just three hours, done shopping and gone back to Kasempa. Imagine the implication of commerce in Kasempa.”