Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says government will start sorting out NGOs and political parties that are spreading falsehoods and promoting anarchy in the country.

And Kampyongo says the state will launch investigations into ‘revelations’ made by Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba that the newly established Socialist Party is being funded by homosexuals.

At a press briefing, Wednesday, Kampyongo said government had observed that some politicians were trying to cast doubts on Vice-President Inonge Wina’s loyalty to President Edgar Lungu.

“My government has observed with concern, the tendency to promote lawlessness and anarchy by groups opposed to our democratically elected government. I must therefore send a timely warning. Accommodation of divergent views does not mean providing space to individuals and groups bent on sowing seeds of discord in the country. Spreading falsehoods in Zambia has assumed epidemic proportions with disgruntled politicians even casting doubts on the loyalty and commitment of Her Honour the Vice-President, to the PF, President Lungu and indeed our country. The Vice-President however, remains resolute in her commitment to Zambia, PF and indeed the leadership of President Lungu,” Kampyongo said.

“Given the low levels to which disgruntled political elements are willing to stoop to, as Minister responsible for internal security, I have a duty to provide timely advice to those whose conduct is bordering on criminality. Unlawful conduct in the name of politics shall henceforth be dealt with decisively in accordance with the law without fear of favour. These groupings are well known, some of them NGOs, some of them political party leaders and some of them political parties. But like I have stated, we are monitoring the activities and some of them should count their days numbered.”

And Kampyongo said government would launch investigations into ‘revelations’ made Kabimba that the newly established Socialist Party was being funded by homosexuals.

“We don’t work with just sentiments. If indeed his revelations are true, its certainly regrettable because the people behind Socialist Party are well known figures. Some of them have been opinion setters in this country. If indeed there is some truth to these facts, it is regrettable because then it will be difficult for people to trust certain individuals who conduct themselves in what I can just describe as holier than thou. But for us these are not just matters of immorality, the laws are there to deal with such immoral activities, homosexuality. So investigations will be launched to establish whether there are some elements of truth to those revelations then if its found then the necessary action will be taken by the law enforcement agencies,” he said.

“Also you may wish to know that parties are regulated, their conduct is regulated under Cap 119 of the laws of Zambia under which these organisations are registered. It has its own provisions and those provisions can be evoked and that can include even de-registering an organisation which is inimical to the state.”

Asked whether it was true that his Ministry was victimising Roan PF MP Chishimba Kambwili, Kampyongo said the accusations were baseless because law enforcement officers did not care about someone’s status.

“I want state that as citizens, we need to be sincere with ourselves. You recall very well that some time last year, His Excellency the President informed the nation that there were a few of his Cabinet ministers who were reported to be involved in crafty dealings and corrupt activities. His Excellency was dared to start acting. If you are saying that the President or the government is victimising people then you should be proposing the best ways to deal with corruption. Because what has happened in unprecedented. A sitting head of state demoting someone from his cabinet on allegations of corruption and puts this person available for the investigative agencies to do their job as they requested, now when they start doing their job it becomes victimising, isn’t that hypocrisy?” he asked.

Meanwhile, commenting on People’s Paty president Mike Mulongoti, who insists that President Lungu is not Zambian, Kampyongo charged that the opposition leader was just a disgruntled person.

“I’m in receipt of some document which has been sent to the Public Protector for example by one Mike Mulongoti, where he is asking the Public Protector to look into this matter. But you see, Mr Mike Mulongoti with due respect [who is] trying to regain his political relevance could sink so low of not even understanding the governance institutions. Because as a former cabinet minister he should have known that interpretation of part four of the Constitution of Zambia which provides for citizenship is a portfolio function of this ministry here. And this minister (himself) chairs the citizenship board which determines matters of citizenship. He should have known that,” he said.

“Let me assure you that the President of the Republic of Zambia is a Zambian by birth and born of Zambian citizens. That’s why he was allowed to participate in the previous elections. People of Zambia should not be swayed by these kind of primitive politics being perpetrated by disgruntled people like Mulongoti who is trying to find relevance on the political scene. I think maybe President RB who fired him had a valid reason because he’s one fellow who was fired for failure to manage his ambitions. But let him find relevance in a meaningful way.”

Kampyongo assured the nation that there was a drastic reduction in the number of refugees coming from Congo DR.

“I wish to share with the country that indeed we have seen a drastic reduction in the inflows of refugees from across DRC. As we speak now, we are still standing at 15,000 refugees out of which 2,700 have been relocated from the transit centre to the new Mantapala refugee settlement place. And so this gives a bit of comfort and we hope that our brothers and sisters can have their country stabilized so that they can return to their homes,” said Kampyongo.