UPND chairperson for mobilisation Sylvia Masebo says she has recovered, after being admitted to the University Teaching Hospital.

And Masebo has complained that malicious people who wish her dead started peddling lies that she had died.

“I was admitted on Saturday. When these malicious people heard that I was here they decided to make another story and pronounced me dead. They alarmed everybody for nothing. I have had so many people calling and panicking, because they thought it was true,” Masebo said.

“I had a problem with my back, like I posted on my Facebook page that I have been admitted in hospital for some back pain. I said let me go and check at the Hospital, I think it’s just part of the ageing process. So I came here, They checked me and the necessary examinations were done. But I have been discharge now. I am actually an out patient as we speak.”

She added: “I don’t think it’s right for people to wish other’s dead. It’s unZambian and unchristian.”