Our children are now prostitutes and thieves because of the Patriotic Front’s poor governance, says UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that PF is a useless party.

The duo was speaking in Kabwe’s Mukulu compound where they received defectors from PF, Wednesday.

“Abana besu abakashana basangwike amaule. Abalumendo basangwike baka bolala umulandu wakutila ubuteko bwa PF taulesungu bwino abantu. Baya mitamfya na mu street ukwa bula ukumipela inchito. Ba PF babufi. Nakabili muka ba votela? (Our female children are now prostitutes while our male children are have become thieves because the PF are not ruling Zambians correctly. They chased you from the streets without giving you jobs, the PF are liars. Will you vote for them again?” GBM asked.

And GBM said PF officials were now fat while the people who voted for them were suffering.

“I know that everyone present here are defectors. You have all left PF to join UPND. Friends we welcome you with both hands. What we are promising you is that we will provide jobs. If we won’t manage to give you jobs we are promising you that you will go back to the streets until we find for you what to do. We told you that ba PF ni ba chimbwi no plan. Bushe balikwata plan (do they have a plan)? Twaba no mulomo fwebena Zambia (we Zambians don’t learn). Bushe Edgar tatwebele ati takwata plan? Twaba nomufulo (didn’t Edgar tell us that he had no plan)? Tu PF twena na twina. Ma vote yenu lengele kuti twine. Imwe muli nensala (The PF have gained weight because of your votes when you are hungry,” he said.

GBM promised Kabwe residents that the UPND would establish industries in that town once voted into office.

“Kabwe is unlucky. There are no industries in Kabwe. No one has ever come to Kabwe to put up industries. I’m telling you that once Hichilema is President, he will bring industries in Kabwe. We are here as party members and we will tell him that this is what we promised the people of Kabwe. Today we have received 2,630 defectors from PF, something which has never happened in Kabwe before. The whole Kabwe was PF’s stronghold but this time around mwabakana (you have rejected them). But what I’m asking of you is that this time around, let’s vote wisely. Mwikesa bepewa na ba PF (don’t allow the PF to lie to you),” he said.

And Hichilema charged that PF was a useless party.

“Those who have joined today (Wednesday), you have come to serious party. Party ileta ubuyantanshi not party yabuwelele wele. PF ni party yabuwelewele (you have come to a party with a vision and not a useless party. PF is a useless party). You can see the way they do things. Everything has collapsed. Tapali ifusuma iyo. Ubulimi nabonaula, ama sukulu nabonaula, incito, ama businesses takuli (there is nothing good. They have destroyed agriculture, education, jobs and there are no businesses). So what has PF done? Takuli,” Hichilema said.

Hichilema said the PF had brought problems everywhere.

“The PF has brought problems not only in Kabwe but every where. In Lusaka they brought cholera, nomba nakuno kuli cholera. We have suffered enough under the PF. What we need is for them to acknowledge that it’s them who have brought cholera because they have not provided toilets and clean water and have not collected garbage,” he said.

Hichilema said UPND had a vision as well as a clear policy on public health.

“As UPND, my brother GMB has already spoken, we have a clear policy on public health. We will be making sure that public places including markets, bars have clean water, have good toilets, we will make sure that garbage is collected so that we do away with cholera. We will provide more trading places for our marketeers so that they can earn income. Not the way PF has done it. You are welcome to a party that has vision, a party that will protect your lives, a party that will allow you to have businesses so that you can earn income to look after your families. That’s UPND,” said Hichilema.