The Road Transport and Safety Agency has secured 107 convictions in the Lusaka Fast Track Court for various Traffic offences committed in the third week of April.

RTSA Public Relations Manager Mukela Mangolwa revealed in a statement, Tuesday, that 60 convictions were for dangerous driving, 31 for Expired Road Tax, 19 for Expired Test Certificate, and two convictions for Use of Unregistered Motor Vehicle.

Mangolwa stated that some motorists were found with multiple counts of offences.

He cited other offences as Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Plying for Hire and Reward, Expired Identity, Careless Driving, Use of Handheld and unlicensed driver.

“Statistics point to the fact that cases of dangerous driving have increased and continue to pose a danger to motorists and other road users a situation that has contributed to road traffic accidents in the country,” stated Mangolwa.

He warned members of the public to desist from abrogating road traffic rules stating that the agency would sustain its traffic law enforcement programmes countrywide in order to ensure total compliance among road users.