Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba has says the majority of projects that are being carried out by the PF are inspired by politicians thirst for kickbacks and not necessity.

And Kalaba warned Zambians against celebrating politicians too much if the country’s moral fibre is to be restored.

Speaking during Radio Christian Voice’s “Chat Back” programme, Wednesday, Kalaba observed that foreigners had taken other the country’s means of production while milking it of its natural resources.

“We are doing projects in this country, not because the projects are important, but because somebody will get a kickback. Are you telling me it was in order to start another international airport even before you look at the issues obtaining in the schools; even though you have not even looked properly at the power sector in this country? We are failing to industrialize because our energy levels are quite low,” he observed.

“Our sustainable development is political sustainable development; it is politicians sustaining themselves; as long as they can sustain themselves and have more dollars or more kwachas to fight their political opponents, they will stop at nothing. Those are the kind of politics that we should say no to.”

Kalaba observed that Zambians had been “hoodwinked” into moving with politicians’ non-issues for too long.

“We are more interested in politics; we love politics so much, leaving the substantives. And our people have also been hoodwinked to believing into moving with politicians’ non-issues that are not helping our school-going children,” Kalaba said.

“Now, listen, Zambia and listen well: we have seen this game enough. If we want to continue on this trajectory, if we want to continue on this same path of celebrating politicians even when we should not celebrate them, that’s our fault. We have a chance to make things right by standing up and saying, ‘no ways, we need our Zambia back!’.”

He observed that foreigners have been allowed to takeover the country.

“The foreigners have taken over this country! They are owning the land in this country; they are owing the businesses in this country; they are owning the means of production in this country and…ama Zambians abene bale tambako fye. [Zambians who are the owners are just watching],” Kalaba observed.

“Zambia now has a chance of getting this country back in its own hands. We can’t afford to play politics as usual. This business of pontificating politicians has to come to an end. Let us begin to support what is right; nobody will develop Zambians but Zambians themselves.”

And Kalaba, who resigned his ministerial position last January, insisted that he will only vacate his position as area member of parliament “at the right time.”

“First of all, is there anything wrong that Kalaba, Harry, has done for him to vacate the seat? Those that are mismanaging issues, you are not asking them to vacate their seats; those that are saying ‘can you stop this rot,’ you want them to vacate their seats? But, here is my answer: at the right time, yes,” said Kalaba.