People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti says the biggest drunkard is in State House.

And New Labour Party leader Fresher Siwale has insisted that President Edgar Lungu is a common criminal who stole someone else’s identity.

Meanwhile, Siwale, who was released after Magistrate Alice Walusiku varied his bail conditions, Wednesday, has bragged that so many people wanted to sign as his sureties but the state blocked them from doing so.

Speaking to journalists after Siwale was released from detention, Thursday, Mulongoti questioned government’s intentions to regulate beer drinking on account that Zambian women were the worst drunkards in the world.

“This was the day we were waiting for. It has come to pass. We have been waiting also to go to court, we have been given an opportunity to go to court. This is good prevailing over evil. I heard Dora Siliya talk about drunkenness yesterday. She forgot to say ‘in State House we have the biggest drunkard’ not the women of Zambia. The biggest drunkard is in State House so the policy must start from State House,” Mulongoti said.

Mulongoti said he was still waiting for summons from President Lungu’s relatives in Petauke.

“The relatives of Mr Lungu from Petauke who threatened to take me to court have vanished. I’m waiting for the summons. Because they are fake they have not delivered. I’m still waiting for them,” said Mulongoti.

And Siwale insisted that President Lungu was a common criminal.

“Lungu can send me to prison but he will never imprison the truth. The brutal truth shall come out. Every Zambian shall know who Jonathan Mutawale is. I have been a member of PF this is how I dealt with the late Micheal Sata. Did anyone pay me to deal with Micheal Sata? I have always dealt with the truth. Nothing moves me but the truth. If anyone has any illusions about me being paid, let them show the Zambian people where the money is,” Siwale said.

“Has Lungu got any character that you can defame? He is just a common criminal like all these other criminals who have been locked up in jails. A person who can steal a late person’s identify is a late criminal.”

Meanwhile, Siwale bragged that so many directors wanted to sign as his sureties but the state had blocked them from doing so.

“First and foremost I did not fail to find sureties except Jonathan Mutawale’s administration interfered with the human resource departments of government departments not to issue letters of introduction to court. That does not mean that I failed to find sureties. There were so many directors who were ready to sign as sureties except the scared little man called Jonathan Mutawale interfered. Can you imagine, if really I have been telling lies about his identity, would he have locked me up and interfered with the sureties? He is a scared little man. We will face him in court because he has to produce his identity in court. Its him to prove that he has a character that I can defame,” he said.

Siwale said prison had not changed him but had made him resolve to fight for justice.

“Prison has not changed me. The 31 days that I have been incarcerated has given me time to reflect. During this time of reflection I have made a resolve. If I had any doubt before of fighting for the people of Zambia, I have resolved that the fight for justice begins now. Because the levels of injustice in this country cannot even be explained. You can’t even imagine that we are living in the 21st century. It’s like we are leaving in the Stone Age. It is appalling that in this day and age we can have a system that incarcerates a person who is speaking the truth. This is the reason why I have made a resolve to fight for the truth,” said Siwale.

Siwale is charged with Defamation of the President for alleging that President Lungu stole someone else’s identity.

He was in detention for a month due to failure to meet bail conditions; Magistrate Walusiku initially ordered that one of his sureties be a high ranking civil servant.

She, however, finally agreed to vary the conditions, Wednesday.