Rainbow party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says there is more to Acting Auditor General Ron Mwambwa’s resignation than meets the eye.

Last week, Mwambwa resigned after acting for close to three year, but without giving any reasons for his decisions. President Lungu, however, downplayed the resignation saying that there was nothing sinister about it.

The Head of State added that he accepted Mwambwa’s resignation after hearing that he had found another job in Liberia, saying he would be the country’s flag bearer.

But Kabimba in an interview with News Diggers argued that there was no way Mwambwa could leave such a lucrative government position amidst high unemployment levels in the country.

“That is what everybody says, ‘I am going to pursue my personal endeavours, I thank President Lungu and the PF government for having given me an opportunity to act as Auditor General.’ I mean that is just a polite statement, it doesn’t disclose the actual reasons why he has resigned. There is no way somebody today can resign from a lucrative job like that when the levels of unemployment are high, when businesses of former ministers are collapsing,” said Kabimba.

He said that he was eager to understand the undercurrent that forced Mwambwa out of his job.

“We have seen people that claimed to be big business people when they were in government, today they are crying because their businesses collapsed. I want to see Mr Mwambwa, those personal endeavours that he is going to engage in whether he is going to succeed when even former ministers have failed, except for myself. That was a polite statement [but] there are undercurrents to that statement. So I want to find out the undercurrents. I don’t believe that statement myself that Mr Mwambwa made,” said Kabimba.