The Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) in connection with a court case involving his client Henry Kapoko.

It is alleged that Fube is linked to a case in which Kapoko, the former Ministry of Health senior human resource officer, is accused of tampering with court exhibits.

Kapoko, who is still in court on various charges relating to theft by public servant involving K6 million, had his bail revoked in December last year when the court heard that he tempered with the seized houses which had been tendered as exhibits in his case.

In his response when he appeared before Magistrate Exornobit Zulu, Kapoko denied selling any of the seized property, but admitted that he wanted to use the property documents to obtain a loan so that he could pay bills.

The Magistrate however revoked the bail, saying it was in the interest of Justice.

According to well placed sources, the Anti-Corruption Commission has reason to believe that some of the properties were sold and they are investigating the role that Kapoko’s lawyer played in the transaction.

“KBF was summoned to ACC for questioning I think last week and this is in connection to the Kapoko case where he is accused of selling houses which are exhibits in court. You know that he (KBF) represented Kapoko in the case of Corruption and Theft by public servant. So now, there is information which the Commission has gathered relating to that matter where he was accused of tempering with exhibits. It is believed that KBF played a role with his client. He may appear again next week for the same investigation,” sources told News Diggers, Tuesday.

When asked if he was perceiving the matter as political persecution, KBF preferred not to comment.

“Sorry I have no comment on that, I am in a meeting,” said KBF yesterday.

Kapoko and others were facing 49 counts of money laundering involving 24 vehicles, two lodges, three houses, filling station and several bank accounts.