You always laugh at my jokes during rallies but when it is time to vote, you vote for other people, UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba lamented, Wednesday.

Speaking at the UPND’s final Kanyama rally to drum up support for Kangwa Chileshe ahead of today’s Lusaka mayoral election, GBM asked residents not only to laugh at his jokes but to vote for the UPND.

“The PF is full of thieves. Do you know what happened yesterday? [President] Edgar [Lungu] chased ZAF commander because he stole his money. Now even thieves can fire each other?” GBM asked as the crowd laughed.

At this point, GBM observed that people who enjoyed his jokes didn’t like voting for the UPND.

“You people just like to laugh at my jokes when I am talking but when you go and vote, you vote for other people. But tomorrow when you go and vote, please vote well. At 06:00 hours tomorrow, let us all go and vote for Kangwa Chileshe. Whoever loves Hakainde Hichilema should go and vote for UPND tomorrow,” said GBM.

And UPND chairperson for mobilization and strategy Sylvia Masebo warned that the time of reckoning was coming for the PF.

“We cannot have people who rule by bribery, by intimidation but your day of reckoning is coming. It doesn’t matter how long it will take. I can die today but your day of reckoning is coming,” Masebo said.

Masebo lamented that the PF government abused its powers by holding a rally in Kanyama when according to the ECZ schedule, UPND was supposed to be in that area.

“President Lungu abused his powers by coming to hold a rally here when it is us who were supposed to be here. Now we have been forced to come here at 17:00 hours which is at night and most Kanyama people were even scared to come here and listen to us,” lamented Masebo.