Chieftainess Shikabeta of the Soli speaking people of Rufunsa District in Lusaka Province has given 23,868 hectares of land to Rufunsa Town Council for development.

According to a statement issued by Rufunsa Town Council public relations officer Rachel Chako, the decision was arrived at after holding a series of meetings with the Indunas, the community representatives and chiefs chairpersons, among others, at the Royal Palace.

Chako stated that officials from the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development had recently visited the council with plans to construct 300 rent-to-own houses on the same piece of land.

She disclosed that a survey will soon be conducted and the plan for the area will be developed with the help of the provincial planning department.

“The council has already applied to the Ministry of Lands for the Land Development Fund, and the application was in final stages for the creation of a road network and water supply. The water scheme is going to be established by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage [Company] from the Lunsenfwa River. Zesco has finished its construction of a power line and the district will soon be connected to the national grid, next month. The new area will also be connected to the power line,” stated Chako.