Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Christopher Mvunga has clarified that although he has not seen the vehicles which have been purchased by government, the type of units he saw on the front page of News Diggers in Tuesday’s edition suggest that they were for Cabinet Ministers and not permanent secretaries as reported.

“A lot of these ministers, after the elections, they inherited the old fleet. And if you see, some of them are still using Hiluxes, some of them are still using Pajeros, the old ones. So most likely, those vehicles are replacements for ministers, but definitely not permanent secretaries,” he said.

“Also, those vehicles are definitely not VXs, but GXs because there is no PS or Minister who qualifies for VX V8. It’s GX. VXs are only for the service chiefs and the President at that level. If you check on the roads, you will see that they are GXs. So none of the PSs is getting a GX, that I can assure you. It’s not for the senior officials, it’s most likely the ministers.”

He added that Minister would only have one official vehicle under austerity measures.

“Remember these ministers don’t have any other pool vehicles. Previously we had personal to holder and also an official vehicle, but now they only have one vehicle. And the reason why we have bought them these GXs is because of the regular travels in and out in areas where the roads are not good,” said Mvunga.

And Mvunga also clarified that the move to dispose official vehicles from public servants below the level of permanent secretaries, will save government between K2.1 billion and K2.5 billion, not dollars.