Patriotic Front (PF) media director Sunday Chanda has described National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili as a hyena scavenging from the ruling party’s fortunes.

Chanda made the remarks when he welcomed defectors from the opposition UPND where he challenged Kambwili to leave the PF and see whether Roan residents would follow suit.

“It is very clear that whilst our friends would wish to continue with politics of manyengwe (child’s play), politics of madimbi, we’re here to deliver development to our people. And anybody knows that instead of wasting time insulting President Lungu, insulting the Patriotic Front, the best we can [do] is to come together, join our hands and build a better Zambia. It’s not because we are driven by hate. We are driven by love, we are driven by dedication. Where we are just across the fence is Lumumba Road. Anyone can see what’s happening to Lumumba Road. But our friends are asking: ‘are Zambians going to eat roads? And yet these are the same people driving on these same roads. If at all they meant what they said, let them protest. Let them stop using the roads, said Chanda.

“Kwaliba abantu, ponse epobaikala ninsele, Ponse epo baikala kulatuka bakateka. Ifwe ngatwamwasukako, afenta. So tulamweba umukalamba wesu twati, filya efyo ubwata bwata, ifyakusabaila ngauli mwaume, fuma mu PF, tiye ku Luanshya tiye ku Roan tumone apatotwa. Pantu bonse fyebaishiba imbwili, nga wamona imbwili mumpanga, kubutukila. Nomba iyi imbwili twakwata yasanguka chimbwi. Chimbwi alefyaya nga inkalamu nga yaikata, elo ayatolako amafupa. So imbwili yasanguka chimbwi. Elo teti atitinye awe because alofomonoka. (There are some people who are full of insults. They are always insulting, always insulting the President. When we respond, he faints. So, we have told him not to be talkative for nothing! If he is man enough, let him defect from the PF, and let us go to Luanshya in Roan constituency and challenge each other there because we all know that a leopard can be threatening, but this is not a leopard, it’s a hyena; it’s waiting for the lion to make the kills and then it would start scavenging for left-overs. This leopard has turned into a hyena and it cannot threaten us.)”

Meanwhile, seven UPND Kanyama constituency executive members have defected to the ruling PF.

These include: Godden Chooka, constituency chairman; Isaac Majulu, constituency youth chairperson; Janet Hamweete, constituency trustee; Doreen Mayenda, Ward 12 IPS; Clement Mwene, Ward 10 youth chairperson; Yvonne Mulemeli, Ward 10 chairlady and Chrispin Muyaba, Ward 10 treasurer.

Speaking on behalf of the defectors, Chooka who has been Kanyama UPND constituency chairman for the last five years said the opposition party no longer has a vision.

“We had been in the UPND since 1998. We had a vision and that is why we have been there for all this time. But there is now darkness in the party and no vision, so we have defected,” said Chooka.

Earlier, Lusaka District chairman Stafford Kayame welcomed the new members and assured them that there was still sufficient room in the boat.

“We have previously been competitors, but today, we are here to complement each other as members of the same family, building on the vision founded by our late president Michael Chilufya Sata and now under His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. This vision is about building a better Zambia for all. You are welcome into the boat,” said Kayame.

“From here, go flat out and be fishers of men and women, including our youths, still out there to come into the boat. This is where they belong. Let me also assure you that Zambia has a listening president in President Edgar Lungu and his PF government. Yes, there are tough decisions that we have to take to make a better Zambia.”