We are rich because of the poor, President Edgar Lungu told Kalulushi resident on the Copperbelt yesterday.

And has President Lungu directed the Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kan’gombe to find a solution to land wrangles in the district.

Speaking upon arrival at Southdown Airport in Kalulushi, Copperbelt, Tuesday, President Lungu asked leaders to always act according to what was good for the poor saying they are the ones who were responsible for their riches.

“Chilankalipa (It hurts) when I see people suffering, mwaisa bapoka ama yanda (you displace them). I think we are loosing it as leaders when we don’t realise where we are coming from, the history behind the issues, and how we can resolve the issues going forward. I’m not saying this because elections are coming in 2021. Elections will come in 2021, 2026, they will keep coming but people will remain. Approach these issues as one in the belief that what’s good for the people, the poor people especially, is good for us too because we are living out of the poor people. We are comfortable, we are rich because of the poor people. They come to come to clean our houses from Kalingalinga, Mtendere, they are our masters. They come to cook for us. All I can tell you mutekanye sana, amaka yalapwa (power finishes),” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu directed the Kan’gombe to find a solution to land wrangles in the district.

“Ningumfwa (I have heard) there are issues. Your worship the mayor resolve the land wrangle. There is nothing impossible ngamulelandishanya (if you are communicating). Talk to each other. Those people there, basangilwe shani palya? How did they find themselves there? You are the council, there are records there. ‘No the land belongs to ZCCM, the land belongs to government’, who is the government? Bantu! ‘No the minister of lands, the counsil, ZCCM that…’ ikaleni pamo mufwaye solution (sit togethre and find a solution). Bana mayo balechula, mwali bapela ama plot ilya mwalefwaya baka mivotele bwapalema ama plot, elo nomba mwasapilubula ati they are illegal (Women are suffering. You gave them plots when you were asking for votes but afterwards you say no they are illegal). But going forward we are saying ifyama land land fipwe. Mwachita negotiate, mwalanshyana (we want these land wrangles to end. You should negotiate),” he said.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said those who were trying to undermine his government by passing derogatory remarks were wasting their time.

“Iyo ba PF nafilwa tubafumyepo (No the PF have failed lets remove them)…Tulebomba bwino balemona (We are working well and they can see). So those who are wasting time trying to undermine us by passing derogatory remarks about how we are governing the country and trying to crucify the media, mulebepafye pantu abantu ebalemona elo ebakwatikwitisha amaka (you are just lying to yourself because people are the ones who are seen and they are the ones with power). So I’m very happy to be here,” said President Lungu.