After announcing to the public that he would be off social media in order to uphold the decorum of the office of the Mayor, Miles Bwalya Sampa has returned to Facebook under a pseudonym “Emmanuel Bwalya”, and has gone flat out to fight back his critics.

And Sampa who apologised to the public last week for telling the BBC that he had been adducted by PF thugs, says he only withdraw his statement to show patriotism but insists that it was an abduction which endangered his life.

Hiding behind a pseudonym, the Lusaka Mayor has picked a fight with Lusaka lawyer and Matero parliamentary aspirant Dickson Jere as well as former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda’s daughter Bwalya Mwamba.

The tiff started on August 28, after Jere posted on his Facebook wall saying: “Don’t get twisted, people of Matero are peaceful, me inclusive!”

Sampa then commented using his pseudonym Emmanuel Bwalya saying “Losers advocate…You [are] just a misplaced MMD hangovered little boy decoying yourself as PF when you think and react with joy to anything anti PF or its founder father.”

Bwalya Mwamba Chikwanda then responded to Sampa (Emmanuel Bwalya)’s comment saying “Just have him beaten mwe, he can’t be embarrassing our party yet again.”

This incensed the Mayor who accused the Chikwanda family of using Micheal Sata’s name for personal benefits.

Emmanuel Bwalya: “OUR party my foot. Check history books and you will find that some of you over stayed in MMD and there are articles against PF and Sata with your signatures. Thank God even ECL has seen that you are a fake greedy,selfish lot. You only claimed I was your relative after Sata became President and the so called relationship ended after Sata died. The truth is I am not your relative but you thought you could use me for selfish needs. When I said No to that, your tuma village egos got scratched. Imwe just continue being greedy and selfish who cant point at no other person you have ever empowered. Even in that Bauleni near yourselves, how many lives have you helped to empower? Your troubles is you think you are the only king makers born in Zambia. The truth is you neither made Sata nor ECL. ..and thank God you had zero input and in fact [you] sponsored people against me being Mayor…”

he accused the Chikwanda’s of always wanting to control weak leaders.

Emmanuel Bwalya: “You like to control and abuse people for own personal greed and you hate it when you meet a person that refuses to be captured by yourselves. I refused to be enslaved and captured by your manipulation as a greedy so called family. I am in good books with the Big Boss and that’s what annoys you. Stay out of myself and will stay out your miserable selves. You expired lot.”

When other critics mocked him and questioned his sanity for brandishing a gun after the PF youths attacked him, the Mayor insisted that he was abducted, despite apologising for saying so.

Emmanuel Bwalya: “But you were not there, so how do you make stereotype conclusions. I am not yet insane…I reacted according to what i experienced. Later I had to make a call between the nation or public interest vs my personal complaint. I chose to be patriotic and put nation first ahead of my genuine feeling or experience of having been abducted.

Mwaba D. Mwaba then advised Sampa to sober up and avoid overreacting to situations: Miles, (i assume niwebo on this account) for most of us who know you and even those that don’t, we were mere viewers to unfolding events; we were firstly shocked at those ‘handgun’ images and furthermore your account of what had transpired on an international platform, the BBC. I think you can understand everyone’s surprise that this was happening right in our City without us even hearing about it on the local channels. It’s no secret that in general most of us abhor firearms so naturally everyone reacted to the image of their City mayor brandishing one as a bit of an unfortunate overreaction on your part. When the images of you being ‘harangued’ eventually surfaced, a few of us then got a better understanding of the genesis of this episode, but still hold the view that the firearm pictures where still a lapse of sound judgement…”

But the Lusaka Mayor went on to tell off those who were questioning his sense of judgement, including Jere who had published the initial post.

“Iwe if I was killed in that incident which you have no right to judge as you were not there…you should not have come to my funeral with crocodile tears. I had nothing to do with you sensing that you would not be adopted even if you applied. I have followed your hatred type of posts towards me since the Mayor position fell vacant after the demise of the late. (MHSRIP). Try genuine Love disposition and not fake white teeth gestures and yet you habour unbridled hatred emanating from the PF vs MMD historical rivalry genes. Try True ubuntu Love. Adoption my just one day settle on you and not do pass by as has been the case since 2016 for Matero and lately for Mayor postion.