Police in Lusaka have arrested RPP leader James Lukuku and charged him with conduct likely to cause a breach of peace for protesting against the Chinese influence in Zambia.

Lukuku was picked up along Independence Avenue where he conducted a lone-protest whilst carrying a placard which read “Chinese equals Hitler”.

Lukuku was then taken to Woodlands Police Station where he was questioned for about 10 minutes before being charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of peace.

People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti and Fresher Siwale of the New Labour Party were among those who visited Lukaku at Woodlands police.

On Tuesday night, Lukuku had issued a media notice to the effect that he was planning to protest against China.

“RPP President James Kasanda Musendeka will undertake a demonstrative walk against China from the Long acres Roundabout to the Ibex Hill American Embassy The RPP President will present a petition against China to the American President Donald Trump. The walk starts at 0830hrs from Long acres roundabout, Lusaka, Wednesday, 5th September, 2018,” read the short notice.

Lukuku, however, did not respond when he was asked if he had obtained a police permit.