National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu is scared of his own shadow.

And Kambwili says the Ministry of Home Affairs should be given to a person with a legal background and experience in security wings instead of a “kabova”.

Speaking to journalists at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court after one of his cases was adjourned to November, Tuesday, Kambwili said Professor Patrick Lumumba was denied entry into Zambia because President Lungu was scared of everyone with ideas.

“The case of Lumumba is a case of a scared rat in State House. A scared rat ‘koswe mumpoto’ at State House. Being scared of somebody coming to tell them the truth and advising them what is supposed to be done in order for them to know how they should look after the people of Zambia
in a better way. Because what Lumumba preaches as it were, is good for Africa but when you are guilty, the guilty are afraid. Lungu is a scared person. And I do not think a country would survive of having a person who is scared of his own shadow. He is scared of Chishimba
Kambwili. Now he is scared of Lumumba. He is scared of HH. How can you be a man who is so scared?” Kambwili asked.

“It is very unfortunate that the renowned and an anti-corruption crusader in the name of Professor Patrick Lumumba who is respected all over the world, can be treated in the manner he was treated by the ‘kaponya (call boy)’ called Kampyongo and you want to justify all these things by saying that no, even Laura Miti was refused entry in South Africa. The Laura Miti case is very clear. Miti used to live in South Africa and she had a resident permit now those resident permits were cancelled by the South African government. They were declared null and void and Laura did not go back to make things okay. She was not aware that those permits have been cancelled so it is a very very different case.”

He said Zambia had lost its democratic tag.

“Look, Zambia is no longer having that tag as a democracy. I am never allowed to hold any political meeting in Zambia. They refuse me even to address meetings in my own constituency, then you can say that we are democrats? We have lost that tag and the respect that we had,” he

And Kambwili urged President Lungu to appoint someone else to run the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“The Minister of Home Affairs is a kabova from the streets. A money changer turned into the Minister of Home Affairs. That position is supposed to be given to a person who has a legal background. Secondly, a person who is very experience in the security wings. You see, it is
the second time that they have refused somebody from entering the country even before he is cleared at immigration. You remember the issue of South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane? Anyway, I cannot blame them because when you look at the quality of the Minister of Home Affairs, he is a kabova from the streets,” said Kambwili.