Patriotic Front cadre Munir Zulu says there is an economic sabotage from within and the ruling party must start preparing for exit if they don’t see it.

And Zulu has resurrected calls for the PF to have a national indaba to iron out all issues within the party.

Meanwhile, Zulu has lamented that those who reason are sidelined.

Commenting on the upward adjustment of fuel pump prices by over K16 in a statement, Zulu wondered how a Kingdom as big as Saudi Arabia could bring fuel to Zambia that only lasted for six days, as announced by Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya.

“Dora Siliya just informed the nation that the fuel from Saudi Arabia lasted 6 days. How does such a huge government delegation bring us such less fuels? When we ask then we are a problem! Ba PF an economic sabotage is taking place internally and if we don’t see it then let’s start preparing our exit, just a few days ago the media reported that cheap fuel has docked in Dar es Salaam! A week later we are told it was meant to last for six days. Objectivity must not be understood to mean problematic! Sometimes it just hurts that we have a government spokesperson who knows how to lose power and bounce back,” Zulu stated on his Facebook page, Wednesday.

“Zambians are always understanding when faced with different challenges but that does not mean that you take them for a ride. Poverty knows no names and political affiliations. Learn to be objective at times , prof Lumumba denied entry, next is pump price , tomorrow it’s mealie meal , next is all basic needs going up! We have an economic problem that must be addressed, this is not a political challenge we are experiencing. We need to organize a national indaba to address the challenge at hand.”

Meanwhile, Zulu, in a seperate posting, lamented that those who reasoned were often sidelined but insisted that it was necessary for objective minds to resurrect if the PF was to succeed.

“The challenge I have in my country is that those who reason are sidelined and those that don’t are respected,” stated Zulu.

“Objective minds must resurrect if we are to succeed.”